13 Most Famous Babi Guling in Bali You Must Try

There’s an abundance of food in Bali so you’ll never run out of things to try. The traditional Babi guling, which is a roasted pork dish, is a popular food on the island. There are numerous eateries to try but which one will suit your palate? These 13 Most Famous Babi Guling in Bali can […]

13 Most Famous Waterfall in Bali You Don’t Want to Miss

Who doesn’t enjoy the sight of waterfalls? The rushing water that make their way down from the cliffs and rocks is a sight not to be missed in Bali. Sure, Bali is known for its night clubs and beaches. But connect yourself with its natural wonders by visiting one of the 13 Most Famous Waterfall […]

13 Most Popular Island in Bali You Have to Visit!

Bali is an escapist’s dream destination as there are so many places to visit. In Bali, going to a nearby island is just one boat ride away. There’s an island that’s perfect for those who like some quiet time, the nightlife scene or those who want to know more about the wildlife in Bali. Find […]

13 Best Psychology University in Indonesia

Indonesian students always show a high interest on entering the Psychology programs in universities. Each year, they compete with one another to earn a seat at the university that they want. Some universities only accept hundreds of them when there are thousands who wish to be enrolled. These are the 13 Best Psychology University in Indonesia […]

17 Traditional Practices in Indonesia

Traditional practices in Indonesia are very closely related to the culture of the people in the country. Every region has their own distinct traditional custom that makes them unique. Their beliefs and their way of living are usually display in the traditional practices that they carry out in the society. These 17 Traditional Practices in […]

17 Indonesian Cultural Norms You Have to Know

Cultural norms are the unwritten rules that people do on a day to day basis. They serve as guidance for people. The norms teach people how to act and speak in society. They are either taught by parents or picked up through the social environment. In Indonesia, the cultural norms are particularly strong. People stick […]

13 Best Private Universities in Indonesia

Education is not something that should be played around with. It’s important to choose the right step as you are investing your money, skill, time and energy. Picking out a good university that suits your needs is a serious matter. Indonesia has private universities with excellent quality that students can look into. You may want […]

13 Fashion Schools in Indonesia

It takes a lot of skills for a person to dive into the fashion industry. The competition is tough but the result is rewarding. More and more Indonesians are interested in the fashion world. One of the best ways to jump into it is to learn from schools with experienced instructors. These are the 13 […]

13 Best Places for Wildlife Indonesia

Indonesia owns one of the most diverse flora and fauna in the world. The variety of the wildlife in the country is like no other. It’s always important to know about the wildlife as all the creatures hold an important role in keeping a balanced ecosystem. But in case you want to see them with […]

13 Best Massage in Padang Indonesia

Padang is the capital city of the West Sumatra province in Indonesia. It is said that they city is the 16th most populated city in the country. Padang is a historic city for Indonesia as it is the place for the main trading center during the precolonial era. The city is filled with culture and […]