10 Quick Steps How to Get Indonesian Driving License For Foreigner

SIM is proof of registration and identification provided by the National Police to someone who has met administrative requirements, physically and mentally healthy. People who already have a SIM are considered to have understood the traffic regulations and are skilled at driving a motorized vehicle. The SIM indicates that you are fit to drive a […]

12 Things not to Eat or Drink in Bali

Bali is the God of island that becomes the favorite places for most people of  the world. Many both local and foreign tourist like to visit Bali. Visiting Bali is always a good thing to do. However, you should prepare your self and take a really good care for yourself. In having vacation, sometimes there […]

10 Interesting Laws in Indonesia (#7 is unique)

Laws are made to regulate the life of a country’s people. With the law, it is expected that the community can comply with all existing regulations. In addition, the law also aims to create order and justice. In this case, a country’s society should understand the legal consciousness not to do things that harm the […]

10 Steps How to Divorce in Indonesia

Divorce is the end of a marriage. When both couples decide not to continue their marriage, they can ask the government to be separated. Ending a marriage is certainly not an easy thing. There are so many aspects to note. However, the most important is the readiness and steadiness of a person when deciding to […]