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12 Things not to Eat or Drink in Bali

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Bali is the God of island that becomes the favorite places for most people of  the world. Many both local and foreign tourist like to visit Bali. Visiting Bali is always a good thing to do. However, you should prepare your self and take a really good care for yourself. In having vacation, sometimes there is something you should do and not to do. Besides, there is also something you should eat and drink and what you shouldn’t. It is sometimes not because of a banning regulation, but for the good results of your health during the vacation. Here are the things you should not to eat or drink in Bali.

  1. Dog Meat

The rules on food for Hindus, other than in Niti Sastra, are also in Manawa Dharmasastra The fifth book (Atha Pancamo Dhyayah). In outline the Hindus are not allowed to eat forbidden food, because it will result in impure and short-lived.

Asu Bang Bungkem is a dog with creamy body hair and a black muzzle. Used in a ceremonial ceremony for Hindus in Bali. All types of caru aims, among others, to “nyomia bhuta” that eliminates the negative things, especially against the tri hita karana, to the positive things.

  1. Cat and monkey meat

Bali is a Hindu religion’s majority. They forbid his people to eat cat meat. Cats are animals whose food is dirty, for example, when they give birth to lick and eat the placenta. The ape also can not be eaten because the monkey is a five-fingered animal.

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Hindus do not eat beef. There are many versions underlying why Hindus do not eat beef, which is surely the main concept is that the Hindus regard the cow as a noble animal. Yes, this is slightly different from the concept of Islam that does not eat pork because it is considered haram, while the Hindus do not eat beef because it is considered sacred.

  1. Beer

In Bali, drinking beer may be prohibited. But you can still enjoy it if you drink in the right place like in bar or discotheque. Arak is a kind of intoxicating taboo drink in Indonesia. For that, you need to be careful when drinking it in Indonesia, especially Bali.

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  1. Tap water

When in Bali, you should drink using bottled water or gallons. The locals never get used to drinking water directly from the tap, so tap water in Indonesia is not safe to drink. But do not worry, tap water is safe for general use, such as bathing and cooking, and you can also drink it after boiling.

  1. Gorengan

Many Indonesians love fried foods. These fries are usually sold by traveling traders. Not infrequently this fried is not healthy because it uses oil that has been used many times. Even the color of the oil to black and brown, is still used for frying.

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  1. Ice cubes

If you see large blocks of ice cubes being transported carelessly from truck to vendor, you will understand why drinking ice cubes is not recommended. Often, they are not covered or handled properly while being transported, let alone the questionable water used to make the cube. Usually, ice cubes that have a hole in the center are more reliable, but to be safe, just order cold drinks from a prominent cafe or restaurant.

  1. Instant noodle in a cup

Sometimes tourists choose cheap and simple instant noodles in cups to eat on the go. But be aware that the risks are not worth the comfort. Some instant noodles in Bali still use Styrofoam glasses, with all its carcinogenic components becoming more dangerous when heated. Styrofoam is also a threat to the environment because it does not dissolve.

  1. Dubious raw vegetable

Bali has many organic / raw food restaurants. Unless you already know the restaurant has a good reputation, or you have seen the vegetables washed properly, you can eat it. Do not risk a bacterial infection by chewing on this raw food.

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  1. Very cheap food

It may be difficult to judge a decent price for a meal as it is generally much cheaper in Indonesia than in Western countries. If you eat at a stall (a simple family-run restaurant), a $ 1 full meal is not in itself a bad sign. But if a stall or restaurant serves a lot of beef for that amount of money, it’s okay to worry. Compare prices to find out what’s too cheap.

  1. Too spicy food

Filling your stomach with too much spicy can be harmful to your digestive system. It can cause stomach irritation or worse. When ordering food, keep in mind that Indonesians are generally more resilient than Western tourists.

That means, a very spicy food or spice (sambal) can come without warning. Initially it may taste good, but it will not be long before you start running to the bathroom. Be sensitive to your own limits. You do not need to eat spicy sauce or spend too spicy food.

  1. Peeled fruits

You will probably meet the sellers of peeled fruit. It looks fresh and exciting indeed. Many street vendors sell ready-to-eat fruits on carts. And while it looks fresh and comfortable to eat, they may not be as hygienic as you’d expect. The knife used to peel and cut the fruit may not be clean.

Those are the things you should not eat and drink in Bali. However, all the list above is just some advices. You may use them or not. Hopefully, this tips would be useful for you. Have a great vacation in Bali!

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