The List of 10 Mountains in Bali Indonesia

Mounts in Bali as well as volcanoes, the island of Bali in addition as a tourist destination that has a beautiful beach and unique culture, the island of gods also has a row of mountains and also an active volcano. Mountains and volcanoes on the island of Bali are also widely known by local mountain […]

Top 10 Highest Mountains in West Java

West Java Province is located in the western part of Java Island. Its territory is bordered by Java Sea in the north, Central Java in the east, Indian Ocean in the south, and Banten and DKI Jakarta in the west. North coast area is lowland. In the middle is a mountain, which is part of […]

Trekking in Indonesia – Best Places to Trekking

In Indonesia, there are many places located at high altitude and have beautiful scenery that shouldn’t be missed. These are places worth trekking in Indonesia, both mountain and non-mountain. It can be guaranteed they’re not to disappoint you in terms of experiences. Below will be discussed some of the best places to trek. See Also […]

Top 8 Best Mountain for Hiking in Indonesia

Indonesia is an archipelago country and known as the biggest archipelago country in the world. Its strategic location is between two continents, that are Asia and Australia, and two oceans, Pacific and Indies, makes it a suitable economic, industry, and vacation spot. Even though Indonesia is mostly surrounded by water area, that also makes them […]