Monkey Dance in Bali – History – Performance

Monkey dance is one of Bali performing art presentation that is known throughout the world as it’s integrated the complicated level of percussion vocal sound, movement, and folklore. Monkey Dance or Kecak dance is one of the kinds of traditional dance from Bali which is very impressive to the audience. The uniqueness of the movements […]

Social Etiquette in Indonesia – Characteristics

According to Ancient Greek, ethics is derived from the word ethikos which means “arising from habit”. Ethics is the main branch of philosophy that studies the value or quality of standards and moral judgments. Ethics includes analysis and application of concepts such as right, wrong, good, bad, and responsibility. Ethics begins when humans reflect on […]

Reading Habits in Indonesia – Etiquettes

At presents, increased reading habits and countries prosperity are two things that can not be separated. In developed countries, the habits of reading a book can be very high. The great system must have an impact on the life and culture of the reading community, thus the level of literacy is high there. The habits of reading […]

Indonesia Cotton Fabric – Making Process – Places

Cotton is a natural plant fiber from cotton seeds. The fibers used in the textile industry are the starting point of the production chain. Cotton fibers are obtained from cotton plants and then woven into threads. The woven cotton yarn or knit is then converted into cloth. The use of cotton has a long tradition […]

Religion in Borneo Indonesia – Characteristics

The area of Borneo includes one area that can be dubbed as the provinces of “Thousand Rivers”. This nickname is in harmony with the geographical conditions that have hundreds of large and small rivers that can be navigable. Several major rivers are still the arteries and main routes for inland transport, although road infrastructure has […]

17 Traditional Ceremonies in Lombok You Must Know

The traditional ceremony is a very sacred ceremony that we often encounter in Indonesia, where the traditional ceremony itself has an impression for those people who carry out the ceremony. In Indonesia, especially Lombok then their own traditional ceremonies are still often done such as wedding ceremonies, and other commemoration for certain days and so […]

Top 20 Indonesian Cultural Activities – Traditions

Indonesia is not only famous for its stunning natural charms. In addition to the stunning natural beauty, the country also has many unique and interesting cultures and customs. In fact, every tribe that exists in each region in the archipelago has different cultural uniqueness. Thus, the variety of cultures and customs make Indonesia much more […]

17 Cultural Activities in Lombok Island You Must Know

The Island of Lombok has been famous as a tourist island and has a variety of regional culture that has grown rapidly in the community to attract the island for the foreign visitor to visit. So if the cultural diversity of the area is managed professionally then it will be able to attract local and […]

Language in Bali Indonesia – Characteristics – Types

The Balinese language is one of the regional languages in Indonesia which is well maintained by its speakers that is the Balinese. The Balinese language acts as the mother tongue and also the first language for most Balinese people. The language is widely used as a means of communication in various activities within the household […]

Top 17 Biggest Volcano Eruption In Indonesia

Indonesia is a country with many active volcanoes. The phenomenon of a volcanic eruption is common in some parts of Indonesia. Some of the volcanoes in Indonesia are very dangerous as there are several volcanoes that have erupted. Based on recorded history, several volcanoes that erupted here have caused many lives and damage to property. […]