15 Traditional Balinese Breakfast with Authentic Taste

When you hear the name Bali, all you can picture is those fantastic and beautiful beaches surrounded by the best of landscapes and temples around the island. But Bali is not only popular for the beautiful beaches and wonderful landscapes, the island is also filled with delicious and mouth watering traditional food. We have made […]

Top 15 Aesthetic Hindu Temple at Bali

Bali is known for the Hinduism practice and many temples which contain many historical dan legend stories. Below is the list of 15 Hindu temple at Bali : Read also: Hinduism in Bali History of Bali Bali Tribes Historical Buildings in Indonesia Camping in Indonesia Hinduism temples in Bali known as sacred heritages which still maintained […]

18 Long-necked Turtle Facts – Characteristics

Long necked turtle or commonly known as snake necked  turtle is a breed of a turtle which is easy to be found at the eastern side of the world, such as many parts of Australia and places which are filled with freshwater. Even though not many have known or even familiar with the name of […]

Birthday Celebrations In Indonesia – Traditions

Birthday. Perhaps the most awaited day in everyone’s life. Gifts, wishes, treats and much more will fill your entire day, making you the king or queen for the day. There are many things to do during a birthday celebration, but most people will celebrate it with dinner or lunch together with friends of families. Again, […]

Cremation in Bali Indonesia – Traditions

Bali, one of the most popular islands in the world, and also known as the tourist – spot. According to a recent survey, Bali is still on the top of most wanted to visit island in the world and it is the most visited place in Indonesia. Indonesia itself, a country which is rich in […]