14 Types Of Crocodile are In Indonesia

Indonesia nature has a variety of fauna as well as many florae, unique is also interesting to explore. One of them is this one animal, the carnivorous type and the most terrible predator. A crocodile is able to live in two realms though, crocodiles are able to swim to the bottom of the water such […]

15 Facts About Bali Tigers Indonesia

Seeing and knowing that the tiger population that is currently starting to become extinct is really sad and also concerning. Endemic animals should still be there and can still be protected from various extinctions, including examples of poaching. However, do you know that at this time the development of the Balinese tiger has suffered extinction?. […]

14 Facts About The Endangered Javan Rhino

Indonesian native animals are indeed many types, but the increasing age of the earth and the development of technology. So one by one these endemic animals become extinct over time. The result of animal extinction is caused by human and natural behavior, such as poaching, animal exploitation and forest encroachment into gardens and settlements. One […]

10 Types Of Pythons in Indonesia that People Are Unaware About

Hearing the name of this type of reptile does make a shudder. How does history say that snakes are one of the most dangerous animals in the world. Its body that resembles a hose, scaly, slippery and able to attack with the blink of an eye with deadly poison makes humans rarely approach or even […]

8 Mysterious Unknown Fish Found in Indonesia (#6 is Mystic)

There have many kinds of fish that been caught in the ocean. Some of them have the strange and weird shape. In Indonesia, the discovery of mysterious animals of unknown type is often associated with mystical things. Some fish that have ever been found in Indonesia (with abnormal shape and size) usually becomes the spectacle […]

10 Types Of Scorpions in Indonesia

The scorpion is a group of eight-footed beasts belonging to the Scorpiones order in the Arachnida class. Scorpions are still related to ketonggeng, spiders, mites, and ticks. There are about 2000 types of scorpions. Arachnids or eight-legged animals usually have children by laying eggs. But it turns out that scorpions are not included in the […]

10 Types Of Turtles In Indonesia

Turtle is quite popular among pet lovers. Turtles are scaly, four-legged and reptile. The cavity consists of 2 parts, first the upper part that covers the back is called carapace and the lower part is called the plastron. Each part consists of 2 layers. For the outer layer generally in the form of hard and […]

10 Most Comon Snakes in Bali

Have you heard some news of snakes that are found inside  house, hotel room, or even bathrooms? You should not worry about it when you visit Bali. The snakes in Bali would not be that agresive. In a community, there is sometimes an incident, in the house there are snakes. Sometimes the snake is in […]

13 Most Common Insects in Bali

Have you ever since the flying cockroach at the hotel where you stay for a vacation? Or maybe you have ever heard the tourist was hospitalized due to the bite of small spider? Actually, you don’t need to worry about that in Bali. Bali is typically close to nature, however you would rarely see the […]

10 Most Common sharks in Bali

The wealth of marine fauna in Indonesia is widely known throughout the world, one of which cannot be missed is the type of shark in Indonesia. In fact, most types of sharks in the world are in Indonesian waters because of the suitable environmental climate for breeding and their strategic location between the Indian Ocean […]