The List of 15 Types of Beer in Bali Indonesia

In this world, there are so many kinds of drink that you can try such as juice, milk, or even the alcoholic drinks. Even though drinking the last one is considered an immoral action by the culture of Indonesia, in many places like Bali where there are many tourists visit it, you can find some […]

10 Types Of Avocado In Indonesia

Who doesn’t know avocados. Many people make this avocado as a juice which tastes great, what else is there a mixture of chocolate milk and some other sweeteners. Avocados are no longer a foreign fruit for Indonesians. Avocado cultivation in Indonesia has been done for a long time. Besides being delicious, avocados have health benefits. […]

15 Types of Indonesian Coffee Beans

If you’re a coffee lover, of course you’ll know your favorite coffees. There’s some kinds of coffee like Americano, Cappucino, and the other coffee types that you can find in your nearest coffee stores, like Starbuck or something. But, if you are from other countries, you should try to come to Indonesia, because this country […]

Different Types of Indonesian Sambal

Like you may now already, Indonesia country is known for having people who are pretty strong to spicy taste. Almost in every meals in this country, you can find chillis in them. And the spiciness of them is really suitable for basically most people in Indonesia, but sometimes foreigners are not fond of them and […]

Types of Indonesian Rice That You Could Taste

Indonesia is one of some countries that become a sourceful rice exporter, especially in the area of South East Asia. In some areas in this country, you can even see how wide all the rice fields are. They are located in some hectares of the land. And mostly, they are own privately by locals or […]

Top 8 Famous Delicious Food in Bali Indonesia

Bali is the center of tourism in Indonesia. the development of the tourism there grows rapidly. It is not such a strange thing that Bali becomes more popular than Indonesia, as the country itself. The development of the city, nature, and some of the facilities was done massively. Not only that, Bali is also known […]

Top 10 Famous Dessert in Indonesia – Sweet Taste

The term of dessert may be better known in western countries. Many of the citizens of Indonesia themselves are not familiar with this dessert term or often also referred to as dessert. Most Indonesians are not familiar with the tradition of appetizers, after eating not many of them go on to a cold or refreshing […]

10 Most Common Side Dish in Indonesia

Indonesia is not only rich about its natural biodiversity, but also on its food culinary. The typical of Indonesian cuisine has the different taste that you will never taste in the country anywhere else. Indonesian food is always complemented by natural spices that make Indonesian specialties taste very good and have a unique taste. In […]

10 Kinds of Rice in Indonesia

Rice is a staple food for most people in various countries, especially in Asian countries such as China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Vietnam and of course our country is the Republic of Indonesia. Everyone needs Staple foods like rice to meet the energy needs of his body. Therefore, rice is one of the most […]

10 Local Types of Rambutan in Indonesia

Indonesia is the country of crops and agriculture. It because it has the fertile land that could grow everything here. It is also a country with the most various fruits are exist here. Can you count how many kinds of fruits that are available in Indonesia? There are many which couldn’t be counted. One of […]