10 Local Types of Durians in Indonesia

Not everyone likes durians. For some people, durian is not a delicious fruit to eat. However, some people also think that durian is the best fruit in the world. Although some people do not like the smell, but not a few people like it. Even some others are crazy about the sweetness produced by the […]

13 Most Famous Babi Guling in Bali You Must Try

There’s an abundance of food in Bali so you’ll never run out of things to try. The traditional Babi guling, which is a roasted pork dish, is a popular food on the island. There are numerous eateries to try but which one will suit your palate? These 13 Most Famous Babi Guling in Bali can […]

10 Types Of Bananas In Indonesia

Banana is a fruit that is always consumed by Indonesian people. It is one of the type of Indonesian fruits. This fruit also popular in the world, especially in South East Asian.  The content of vitamins and carbohydrates makes bananas can be used in a variety of processed foods. So it’s not uncommon to see food […]

15 Most Common Ingredients in Indonesian Cuisine

Since a long time ago, Indonesia was already famous for the richness of its spices used in cooking ingredients. Even the traders from various countries flocked to the archipelago in order to be able to obtain various spices in Indonesia. Nowadays there have been many types of ingredients that are very varied. This type of […]

13 Common Indonesian Breakfast Menu You Must Try

Breakfast is very important both your body, especially if you have an ulcer disease that will recur if you eat late. But most people often skip breakfast and consider it trivial, especially for those who are always in a hurry to go to activities. The types of breakfast menu are different for each person, some […]

Spoil Your Tongue with These Popular Dishes in Indonesia

Beside having some spectacular locations that always being favorable places for all the tourists all over the world. Indonesia also has some things that you need to know. Its specialties in culture, art, and of course tourism, can not be ignored. But there’s one other aspect that is also becoming the colorful identity of Indonesia, […]

Most Expensive Buffet in Jakarta, but Very Fancy !

Hello again, in the previous article we already talked about the interesting Japanese restarurants located around Jakarta city. They are pretty fine for the people who would like to try the Japanese or any other seafoods. But, for people who want to try anothe different experience, they could come to  the buffet restaurants. In Jakarta, […]

Beautiful But Most Expensive Japanese Restaurants in Jakarta

Hanging out in the weekend is a really fun thing to do. Beside doing some fun activities outside, many people would consider to visit a restaurant for either exploring foods in there only or having some friends to make the evening better. In Indonesia, there are many kinds of restaurants. They usually based on the […]

13 Most Common Food in Bali with Authentic Taste

When visiting Bali, it’s not complete if you don’t taste the local cuisine. Some people even fall in love with Bali not because of the beach, but with some very special Balinese food menus. Bali is a paradise for foodies, where you can find very unique foods that you will not find anywhere in the […]

12 Facts of Popular Indonesian Instant Noodle

Noodle is one of the most famous food in the world. Actually, it is Chinese food. But now noodles have become a food that is almost everywhere in the world. For especially instant noodle, you can enjoy it anywhere by cooking it quite practically. Indonesia is the largest producer of instant noodles in the world. […]