20 What to Eat in Jakarta Indonesia – Traditional Food

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. It is a really big city. You will find a lot of skyscrapers, popular building, even the best airport there. This is an urban city where many people live and move there for earning money. The most densely populated city in Indonesia is Jakarta. Imagine that almost 30% […]

10 Most Favorite Places for Unique Dessert in Bali

For those who like dessert and are going to go to Bali in the next trip, don’t worry. It is because Bali not only serves a really good view and scenery, but also good food includes dessert. It has been several years since there are many food influencers start to make their own businesses in […]

12 Most Popular Indonesian Cuisine You can Taste

Indonesia is a country with priceless wealth. Millions of local and foreign tourists fall in love not only with the beauty of Indonesian nature, but also Indonesian cuisine that has a distinctive taste. Indonesian cuisine is indeed one of Indonesia’s riches that never goes out. Many people who come all the way from outside the […]

The Must Eat Dishes in Indonesia That You Should Get

If we’re talking about the culinary in Indonesia, it’ll be a never ending story because in this country with hundreds of island, there are a lot of kinds of food that you can find on each region. Starting from the most Western part of Indonesia, which is Sabang, to the most Eastern part, which is […]

All The Things You Must Eat in Bali Indonesia

Anyone would know the name of Bali island. An island that serving the country with taxes from tourism areas surely has many things to offer for the tourists. Name it, there are several popular locations available on the island that you can pick. They have their own unique specialties that loved by everybody who already […]

The List of Must Buy Snacks in Indonesia

You can eat something to make you feel better. Even eating your favorite foods can give you satisfaction to make your feelings much happier. But, eating extensively can give you another bad effect, fat. Fat is never be a wrong thing for your body, as long as it doesn’t keep piling up in your body […]

14 Famous Food In Medan Indonesia

Indonesia is famous for its ethnic and cultural diversity. And every region of Indonesia must have its own unique culinary. There is no exception to the city of Medan which has many special foods. Even though Medan is located in the northern part of Sumatra Island, you still have to try typical food from the […]

16 Tastiest Best Seafoods in Jimbaran Bali

In Bali, there are some popular locations that known for having attractive attractions, such as Kuta, Pandawa, Gianyar, Klungkung, and also this area called Jimbaran. Jimbaran is located right on the south Kuta of Badung, filled with 12 different banjars. It’s also near Sanur and the international airport, making it accessable and easier to promote. […]

15 Delicious Best Foods in Jimbaran Bali

Like always, people are coming to Bali when there are some holidays happening sometimes during a year. In Bali,  there are some spectacular things like the attractions, wether the natural ones or not, the culture of Bali that can always hipnotizing anyone sees it, and also one thing, that also popular as the other aspects […]

The 15 Types of Coffee in Bali You Can Get

Many people do love great coffees. They even want to spend portions of their money to get the exclusive and tasteful coffee in some special areas that known for having larger variants of coffee, like Indonesia. In this country, there are a lot of types of coffee. They are lovable, and always being favorite ones […]