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The Savage History of Slavery Indonesia

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Slave is the sensitive issue in modern era. Anyway, this terrible practice of slavery was also happening in Indonesia. From the Dutch colonial era until independence, the slavery even exists until now. Nowadays, slavery occurs because of economic demands or compulsions that influenced by social to political situation in Indonesia. Slavery in Indonesia is still rampant. It seems so hard to erase. Here are some cruelest human slavery that had ever happened in Indonesia.

  1. The Slaves Sale in Dutch Colonialism era

The human trafficking  in the Dutch colonial era had become commonplace in the country. By the 17th century many slaves were imported from South Asia. They are usually taken by ship for weeks. Inside the ship they were not able to get food, until a half of Indonesians died.

Delivery of slaves in Indonesia finally stopped because India is no longer controlled by the Dutch. Finally they use local Indonesian people as merchandise. These slaves are sold to wealthy Dutch families in Indonesia for 90 Real. For comparison, the price of rice barrels is only 2 real. This means that human life is only valued 45 rice barrels.

Slavery in Indonesia gradually progressed to bring up slave markets or often called slavenquartiers. Slaves are seen as valuable goods that enhance the social status of a family. The more slaves the more respected the Dutch families have. In addition, it was also to symbol of wealth. Slaves are also used as gifts. Many Dutch families provide slaves to Chinese officials as part of friendship. Slaves are no longer considered human but a thing that can be thrown here and there. Even burned alive they will not fight.

  1. Forced labor

Indonesia is like a field that contains a lot of people who are ready to harvest. They can do nothing but be commanded and forced to do anything. They worked under very deep pressure without given any salary, wage, even the proper food and drink. In the Dutch period it was famous with kerja rodi. The community was forced to build a lot of roads and infrastructure supporting the Dutch colonialism. One of the most famous is the construction of Post Road from Anyer to Panarukan.

While in Japan colonialism, the people of Indonesia again used as slaves. They were told to make roads, ditches, and many things with cruel treatment. Even Supriyadi who was ordered to watch the Romusha felt very hurt. Finally he decided to do PETA rebellion in Blitar.

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  1. Sex slavery

Not all Dutch officials who came to Indonesia to bring the children and his wife. Many of those who came alone to Indonesia will be confused with their biological desires. Finally they lifted women as concubines in Indonesia called Gundik. She is the lust slave that must serve the master forever. Even they got a pregnancy from their sex activity. The Gundik would bear a child that who called Indo (Indo is a mixture of locals and the Dutch).She had a duty as well as a person who taught his master all matters related to Indonesia. Every day they have to serve the elderly like a wife even though they are not married.

During the Japanese occupation, the enslavement of women became even more terrible. The Japanese soldiers who were at a distance away from his wife used this woman to satisfy his desires. This woman is treated like an object until it can be done only. Many of them even suffered from venereal disease. A few of them were death pathetically.

Jugun Ianfu is the name of those who became sex slaves during the Japanese occupation. These poor women were taken from villages by force and stationed in military camps, sometimes in military vehicles. This woman can do nothing to refuse it.

  1. Slavery in a pan factory

In 2013 Indonesia citizens was shocked due to practice of slavery to 25 workers in Tangerang. They worked from dawn to midnight without being allowed to rest. They even ate very little. For three months they did not even bathe. They also slept in a very narrow room.

Police finally managed to remove these 25 people with a pathetic condition. On average they were sick because of poor sanitation. It lengthen the historical of slavery in Indonesia that done by local employer.

  1. Slavery toward Myanmar fisherman

Continued in 2015, a case of enslavement retook place in Indonesia. They were people from Myanmar who were forced to do Illegal Fishing. People were told to work more than 20 hours a day. Thet even were not allowed to get food and suitable rest areas. This case became the for all people in the world because it was a cruel practice of slavery. Because of this case, Americans threaten will not  import fish that produced by slave companies.

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  1. Migrant workers slavery

Today many Indonesian migrant workers who eventually become slaves in outseas. They are forced to work hard but don’t get what they are entitled to. Instead they are told to pay a lot of things until the salary continues to cut. In abroad, they also often get unpleasant treats from people who are considered as an employer.

In Indonesia migrant workers are also not treated well. There are so many PJTKI (Indonesian Employment Service Company) who lock them up like slaves. No contact with anyone that allowed to communicate. Eventually they are channeled to a bad place like localization. Slavery like this is increasingly grows until it is very difficult to eradicate.

  1. Human trafficking

Modern slavery begins with human trafficking. Then, they will be exploited in prostitution, forced labor, forced marriage, sexual exploitation, and organ trafficking. Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) is one of the areas that many cases of human trafficking in Indonesia. By 2015, at least 468 people are indicated to be victims of trafficking.

The number is declining from the year 2014 which reached 605 people, according to the report of the Institute of Resource Governance and Social Change (IRGSC). According to the data, Indonesia becomes a source of human trafficking for forced labor.

Those are the terrible human slavery that ever happened. Some other probably still happen in Indonesia. May the government be able to take firm action on what they did. Slavery is a terrible thing that violates norms and human rights.

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