Top 35 Fascinating Indonesian Behavior – Common Habits

Every people have different behavior that represent how their attitude when to do something in a certain area, especially Indonesia people with different characters and attitude. In the modern era, the behavior of people is very different with the past time. How they life with others, to end a problem, their attitude after getting something and etc. In this case, there are a change of someone because of the change of era.

Ironically, the Indonesian people behavior is very different in the small or big city with the people behavior in a village. People in both of places are have so many differences. In this article, the writer will be divided the Indonesian behavior into two, those are urban and rural.


Urban, is the characters for people related to a town or city. In this explanation, you will know the variant behavior of Indonesian that life in a town.

1. The People are not Individual

They are a lot of people think that, people in the town is very Individual. Actually, they don’t have enough time for chit chat with other because they are busy with work every day. So, they only have small time for socialization, but they still love togetherness.

2. They often Using The Newest Technology

In the modern era, the technology is always upgrade. Especially for tools like handphone. In Indonesia, people in the city often upgrade their handphone as long as they have enough money to buy. That’s happen because they like to follow modern era and want to know about the new gadget. You read more about Internet Rules in Indonesia.

3. They Hard Work without any Limited Time

In Indonesia, majority the job in the city is office, manufacture and banking. In these places, the workers are very busy. They begin to work at 7 o clock in the morning, and usually finish on the 5 o’clock in the evening. However, mostly they will go home and finish their work until 8 PM.

4. They Likes Shopping (for women)

This is the common behavior for woman in the all city. They like shopping, buy some new clothes, jewelry, shoes, until gadget. If they don’t have enough money, they will spend their time for walk and only look the new things in the supermarket. You may want to read about Shopping Habits in Indonesia.

5. Exploring Far Tourism Place in Holiday

In the long holiday, citizen often go to some favorite places such as Bali, Yogyakarta, until tourism destination in the others country. It is because they feel unsatisfied with the tourism in the city and always want to follow the tourism destination that very interesting.

6. Arrogant

This behavior only have by some people. Not all people in the town is arrogant. Sometimes, they feel rich with what they get from their hard work. So, they want to show all they get in the social media. They want to all people knows.

7. Reading a New Information Every Day

Every day, Indonesian in the city often read the news. They want to know about the news in their country. That’s included politics news, economics news, entertains news, and etc. They can get the news from reading a magazine and online news.

8. They More Choose Using Individual Transportation than Public Transportation

They feels that their transportation like motorcycle, car, until bicycle is more comfortable than public transportation. Using individual transportation will make them very fast to go to someplace. In this case, there are a lot of stagnation for traffic in the street. Read more about Public Transportation in Indonesia.

9. Cooking Western Food and Fast Food

They don’t want to cook something complicated such as traditional food. So, they more choose to cook western food or fast food that very simple without variant seasoning. However there are some people in the town still like to cook traditional food.

10. Using Housekeeping Service to Take Care Their Home

For people in the town that very busy and have more budget, they will pay for a housekeeping. They don’t have enough time for clean the house, take care the garden and cook for family. So, most of them choose to use housekeeping service.

11. Talk Less, Do More

This is a principle that applied by many citizen. They never want to talk for something not important. They more choose to finish their work as soon as possible and then they have free time for talk with someone else.

12. The Family Relationship is Far

Indonesian behavior in the family area is so far. It is because some of them are visit each other only in the big day such as Christmas and Idul Fitri. Sometimes, if a grand mother/father was died, the relationship between father and his brother are little bit far.

13. Producing Something New

Producing something new means that they are very creative. In the big company or school always force the students or employee to make a innovative things. Mostly, they are from high education background. So, they always want to create something new for their institution.

14. Communicating All Things by Chat

Mostly, people in the citizen using social media to chat with others. For example, they want to buy a food or bag, they will chat the seller. They feel that the social media is make all aspect being practice. You may want to read about Communication Etiquette in Indonesia.

15. Working and Eating a lot without Thinking about Healthy

Relating to the explanation before, the citizen like consume fast food. In this case, fast food is not good for body. The people in the town, especially for younger often consume fast food, snack, or drinking soda. The impact will be felt by citizen in the old with variant disease.

16. The Children Using Gadget

The children in the town, often play a game in the gadget like tablet and handphone. Unfortunately, this is the problem, because the traditional game will lose.

17. They Forget with Traditional Culture

The citizen often forgets the traditional culture, that’s because they never pay attention at the traditional culture that included traditional food, traditional clothes and traditional habit. Most of them are very busy so that forget with traditional culture.


In this part, the writer will explain the Indonesian behavior relating to the characteristic of the countryside rather than the town. The behavior of people in a village is very different with people in a town.

1. They Often Share Many Things with Neighbor

A villager have behavior to always share what they have with neighbor such as food, problem, happiness, and etc. In the village, the two people that have closed home will feel like they are family although they are not family.

2. They Like Speaking with Others

Sometimes, you will find some people will speak each other in every place in the village. When they meet in the street, they will speak something. When a people buy a rice in the stall, they will come back in long time, because they stop in the stall and speak with the seller.

3. They Make Many Activities Together

In the village, the Indonesian have behavior to make variant activities. For example, to clean their environment together, to make a cake together, to make a group of woman/men. Every big day like independent day, they also make a little party together for celebrating it.

4. Consuming Traditional Food

The Indonesian behavior in a village often keep variant traditional food that todays is very difficult to find. For example, gaplek, blendung, ampyang, cucur, and skoteng are food and drink from Java. We can find all of them in the village. Actually in the city is available but little bit difficult. Read more about  Famous Indonesian Food.

5. Keeping Traditional Culture

Traditional culture consist of ceremony, clothes, rules and etc. Some of traditional culture that often available in the village is Wayang show. All villager often pays for Wayang show for the biggest event like sedekah bumi. They do that for culture preservation.

6. They Walks Every Morning

Villagers have different behavior to make their body keep healthy. If a citizen go to a gym, the villager only walk in the every morning. Sometimes they also do that in the evening. The air morning in the village is very clean, fresh and health for human body.

7. Less Using Gadget

The villager more choose to give an information to others with speak directly. They rarely using gadget for chatting. Usually, the development of gadget in the city is better than in the village. Sometimes, you’ll find difficulty to find a signal for communication.

8. They Cooked Something They Plants

Sometimes, they will plants many vegetable in front of their house and they cooked when the plants have vegetable. For example, they plants chili, eggplant, cabbage, and tomato and then they will cooked it. They believe that to cooked from something they plants is very cheap and they can save money.

9. Working In A Field

Majority, people in the village often choose to stay in the village and work for some fields that given by parent, but half of them are go to the city for works even though in the village they have the right opportunity in the field.

10. Politeness is Important

Some people in the village is pay attention at the attitude. They will judge or give suggestion for people that impolite. They are very nice and tolerance each others. With old people, the villager is very respect. Read more about Bad Manners in Indonesia You Must Avoid

11. They Go To Neighbor House in Leisure Time

In the afternoon, when they finish their jobs. They will go to neighbor house to get a new information or only want to sit together. They do that activity in the evening also. So, the villager in the Indonesia have that behavior and never stay at home for a long time.

12. Using Traditional Clothes

As the explanation before, a villager always keep their culture. In this case, they also using traditional clothes like fabric with variant motive. They are not shy because that’s their habitual, and for moslem woman in the village they always uses veil wherever they go. Read more about Traditional Clothes of Indonesia.

13. They Looks Like A Big Event

Big event in this behavior is like marriage, independent day, sedekah bumi, Islamic special years, and etc. That’s the example of big event in the village. All villager will do the best together for that event. Beside that, all of the villagers will attend that event so that the event will have so many visitor.

14. They Fair with Something That Given by Neighbor

This is part of culture in the village that become a special behavior. If your neighbor give you 100.000 rupiahs for your marriage party, you should give 100.000 in your neighbor event (marriage, party birthday etc.). That behavior is still happen in some village in Java.

15. They Have Monthly Group Discussion

The man or woman in a village will attend for a monthly discussion. The discussion consists of a discussion for their environment. They share their opinion for new program in the village, and if there is a problem they will finish in this monthly group discussion.

16. The Help Each Others

This is the usual behavior in all village in Indonesia. they always help each others. Actually the villager have more leisure time than the citizen, so they will do something together and like the explanation before, they share many things together.

17. They Like Plants Variant Vegetable and Fruit

Every people in the small village will have wide land than people in the city. So, they make a little field in front of their house as a garden and then plant so many plants like mango, papaya, tomato, orange, guava, and banana. Sometimes they will sell the result of their vegetable and fruit in the market.

18. They are Keeping Traditional Playing

This is the antonym for the condition in the city. The children in the village have behavior to keep the traditional playing. Every day after they go home from their school, they will eat and then go to a field for play some traditional playing like hide and seek, marbles, football, gobak sodor and etc. You may want to read about Traditional Indonesian Games and Activities.

Finally those are complete information about Indonesian Behavior which is have a huge differences between urban and rural area. Hope it can be informative for you guys.