4 Ways How to be Safe in Bali – Useful Tips

Bali is the Land of the Gods. Its culture and nature is a good collaboration of being a magnet for the tourist. Moreover, Bali has a lot of white beaches. The coastal in Bali has a tropical weather. It is good for seeing the sunset or sunrise, diving, skiing, and even sunbathing. Bali seems the part of heaven that exists in the earth.

For some people, traveling to Bali is a must target. Going to Bali means a lot. You will get e lot of unforgettable experience there. When you get the chance to travel to Bali, don’t forget to read some tips about how to be safe in Bali below.

1. Be Safe on the Street in Bali

The traffic system in Bali is not well-arranged. Having a holiday in Bali could be something terrible if you don’t learn about how to be safe on the road.

A. For pedestrians

If you are a pedestrian in Bali, make sure to walk on the left side of the road. There is no traffic light for the pedestrians. Although you find a crosswalk, don’t expect much for it. Don’t think the vehicle will stop as you cross. It had better for you cross after it has been quite empty.

B. Rent the car

When you have been familiar with the traffic in Bali, it is okay for you to rent a car and drive by yourself. However, if you are not capable enough in driving or you haven’t known the traffic system in Bali, It had better get a car with a driver too. It is the best consideration for the comfy of your holiday.

C. Riding a self-motorcycle

Don’t ride a motorcycle by yourself as you are unfamiliar with the traffic system. Keep in mind that there have already been a lot of accidents by some tourists in Bali. Most of them got injured by the accidents because they instantly determined to ride or drive by themselves.

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2. Obey the Law in Bali

Keep in mind to follow the rules in Bali. There are many the rigid laws as the Balinese authorities. If you do the fatal mistakes, you might be end on the jail.

A. Smoking in Public area is prohibited

Since 2011, Bali started banning smoking in almost of public area. There are such as restaurants, schools, hospital, hotels, temples, and some tourism places. If you are caught as you smoke in the banned area, you will be imprisoned for at least 6 months and fined at least US$ 5000.

B. Don’t do any drugs transaction

Keep away your mind to buy or sell the drugs in Bali. Recently, Indonesia applies the death penalty for those who sell any drug. Once you get caught of drug transaction, you might be end in jail, or even death penalty. Be careful of drug dealers. They might offer you the cheap marijuana or mushrooms. And you should not to accept it.

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3. Secure your Belongings

Although the risk of the theft is low in Bali, you have to be careful in carrying your belongings. Bali is the safe place, but it is not 100% safe from a theft.

  • Keep the door and window locked: When you stay in a Bali or hotel resort, make sure to lock the door and all windows as you leave the resort.
  • Use front-carry pouch: while you walk around in a crowded place, don’t forget to bring a front-carry pouch to carry your precious belongings. It is to avoid a pickpocket.
  • Bring the copy of your documents: If you are a foreign tourist, you need to bring the copy of your passport, visa, or ID card. Don’t bring your original document anywhere, left them safe in hotel.
  • Use the hotel security box if it is available: One of the services in a hotel is security box. You could ask one of them to save your precious belonging.

4. Safety in Tourism Place

Most of the tourism place in Bali would have their own rules. If you could obey the rules, something bad might be happen with yourself.

A. Safety on the Beach

While you go to Bali, you should not ignore some crucial things below:

  • Be careful of red flag: If you are see the red flag sign on the beach, it means you should not swim on it. Most of the south-beach in Bali has the strong current that is possible to make you sweep out to the sea.
  • Notice the tsunami information: Almost of beach always have the possibility of tsunami. Bali is the small island in a middle of the sea. Although it is rarely happen in Bali, you should notice about this kind disaster. You could ask the hotel about how tsunami evacuation procedure.
  • Apply lots of sunblock: Sunblock is the important thing if you go to beach. You will find a really well sun-shining on the Beach of Bali. So, make sure to apply sunblock to avoid the sunburn.

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B. Be careful of Monkey

You will possibly find many macaque monkeys in some of place in Bali, as the example in Pura Luhur Uluwatu, Ubud Monkey Forest, and Sangeh. Although they are cute, they could act out of expectations.

  • Be careful of your jewelry: First they will act to ask some foods. However, when you don’t notice well of your jewelry, watch, glasses, or mp3 player, they will easily steal them from you.
  • Don’t bother monkey with annoying action: Once the monkey feel annoyed, they will probably bite you with their sharp teeth. Once you are bitten by monkey, you could get the first aid from the officer. However, don’t worry of rabies. All of monkey in Bali are safe from rabies. So, avoid disturb them with the weird jokes.
  • Don’t look at monkey’s eyes: For monkey, starring at their eyes means challenging them. They could be more aggressive when you star at their eyes.

Being safe in Bali is not a compulsory, but it is a need. Going to Bali needs a good skill to keep you safe. In conclusion, almost way of how you keep the safety in Bali is by not underestimating the rules. Now, are you ready to set a trip to Bali? You could also read Best Weather in Bali Indonesia as you prepare for it.