The 16 Interesting Places in Bali to Find Inspiration : Locations of Peacefulness

In the last article, we mainly talked about the legendary island in Indonesia, Komodo Island, where you can see the living legends. There’s also an island located nearby, the island you all know, an island that has the title of Heavenly or Godly island by some, Bali island. Have you ever visited this gem of […]

The 15 Best Sundanese Restaurants in Bali : Wonderful Ones You Should Visit

In the previous article, we mentioned the best restaurants where you can have yourself the nice menus of Javanese meals in the best Javanese restaurants you can find on the Godly island of Bali. As you can see, finding the things that are common in Bali is indeed really possible, even though they can be […]

The 13 Beautiful Words in Balinese Language : Phrases of Heavenly Island

So what do you think about our previous discussion about learning some of the beautiful and meaningful Javanese words? Are they interesting enough for you? Or you want to finish just now? Hold your horses. In Indonesia, there are many islands still to explore. About the West side of Java, you can meet the possibly […]

13 Things to Know Before Visiting Bali during Ramadhan

Like mostly known by many tourists, Bali island is indeed a wonderful tourist location. Every single year, the statistic shows that even more people coming from other countries in order to have a great time vacationing on Bali island. However, things might change a bit during Ramadhan. Related topics: Things to do in Yogyakarta during […]

13 Best Traditional Markets in Bali : Find Your Unique Souvenirs with Affordable Price

Aside from the famous amazing attractions located around Bali, many would come to the island in order to get the unique souvenirs that they can only get in Bali island, not in other places around Indonesia, neither their hometown. Usually, the tourists will come to the souvenir shops that scattered all over the island. Related […]

14 Best Ubud Nightlife Spots : Wonderful Places to Spend The Night

So, after talking about the wonderful culinary that you can find on Bali island, one magical island in Indonesia, we want to go closer to an area named Ubud. Ubud is considered to be one of the crowdest areas of the island. Many people come and go, and life is rolling from the start of […]

The List of 14 Best Local Restaurant in Bali : Homes of Authentic Cuisines

Talking about the Bali island is like limitless. This favorable island is a part of Indonesia, and sadly some people from foreign countries sometimes forget about that. This small island located just beside Java island has so many things to do. Like for example, the attractions, the famous ones like Sanur or Pandawa, and also […]

Places for Relaxing in Bali – Unfamiliar Faces of Gems in Bali

Bali is the island of heaven on Earth. When searching about its name, you can notice that most people will do anything related to stress-relieving, like surfing, tanning, or having the experience of hidden attractions exploring, an activity that they can not do in their hometown. Many people would include Bali inside their bucket list […]

12 Tips To Stay in Bali Island For Two Weeks

Visiting the island of Bali will give you many beautiful and memorable memories. Besides able to enjoy the beauty of nature, there are also some customs that are varying and full of uniqueness . You will never bored to come and visit Bali again. Besides the low cost, cheap accommodation and many other things makes […]

13 Traditional Village in Bali Must Visit During Holiday

When you choose to have a vacation on the island of Bali that has a lot of beauty and well-known facilities. Then, of course, your goal is to find an atmosphere that is calm, peaceful yet pleasant. There are many recommendations in Bali that you should try, whether to spend a good time with family, […]