14 Facts About Bali Food You Will Surprise

In addition to the famous island of Bali with stunning natural attractions, it is incomplete if you are in Bali and try various Balinese culinary varieties. Balinese specialties are now phenomenal because they have unique local flavors, fancy spices, and unusual cooking methods. Well, for you, culinary love is perfect to try and taste all […]

15 Social Culture In Bali You Must Experience

The life of people in Bali and its culture is closely related to Hinduism. The Hindu religion that developed in Bali has been mixed with the original cultural elements. One of the most obvious examples can be seen is that the supreme god of Hindu-Buddhism is not Shiva, but Sang Hyang Widhi is equal to […]

4 Ways How to be Safe in Bali – Useful Tips

Bali is the Land of the Gods. Its culture and nature is a good collaboration of being a magnet for the tourist. Moreover, Bali has a lot of white beaches. The coastal in Bali has a tropical weather. It is good for seeing the sunset or sunrise, diving, skiing, and even sunbathing. Bali seems the […]

Amazing History of Bali (The Island of Gods)

Like we all know, Bali is the paradise of Indonesia. Exist with high level of culture and history. Some of the cultures are already known by people, like Ngaben tradition for example. However, how about its history? What is history of Bali? Let’s take a moment to look at it. Now we learn from the […]