7 Most Instagrammable Places to Visit in Purwokerto

With the hype of the social media Instagram going on up to the present time, it is undoubted that many people intend to look for places which have unique spots for photography to be uploaded in their account.

People and the government have continued to construct their places to be as Instagrammable as possible to attract visitors. This also counts for the town of Purwokerto.

Purwokerto is one of the most beautiful cities in Indonesia located on the Java Island, and it is the capital of Banyumas Regency in Central Java.

Also is located close to Mount Slamet, one of the active volcanoes in Central Java, the city is geographically convenient for tourists to visit especially when they are travelling around Java.

This city has many places as the spots for travel, and Purwokerto has also developed more unique and Instagrammable sites particularly to attract more visitors.

Here is the list of seven most Instagrammable places to visit in Purwokerto.

1. Batu Raden

Batu Raden

Batu Raden is among the top list of the must-visit places in Purwokerto.

Located approximately 15 kilometers from the city of Purwokerto, this highland area is filled with beautiful nature especially in its botanical garden, adventure forest, and it also has one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Indonesia.

It also has many facilities comprising the two hot springs called Pancuran Telu and Pancuran Pitu, a children swimming pool, water cycles, theater, and others.

With all the beauty and attractions, this place is certainly best to take decent pictures for your Instagram.

Besides, you can also enjoy the experiences of trekking which can be made possible in this area, and it is also one of the best places to camp in Indonesia.

2. Small World

Small World

The next tourist destination that should be visited is the Small World.

This unique place was opened very recently in 2016, and it has become one of the most famous places in Purwokerto especially to take pictures.

Small World offers you with the experience of having a tour around the mini world made of building miniatures of famous places around the world, including the Sydney Opera House, Eiffel Tower, and others.

It is definitely adequate to take nice pictures at different beauty spots there, making this place to be very Instagrammable.

Entering this site will only cost you Rp15.000 on weekdays and Rp20.000 on weekends, and it is located at Jl. Baturaden km. 25 No. 270.

3. Alun-Alun Purwokerto

Alun-Alun Purwokerto

If you wish to take photos at night, Alun-Alun Purwokerto is probably the most suitable place to visit.

This will also be an Instagrammable photo spot to show that you are in the city of Purwokerto.

Although day-time visit is also recommended for the beauty of this city center with many greenery spots, this icon of Purwokerto is filled with unique projectors of light which can be beautifully seen during the night.

Visitors can also enjoy booths and food stalls there to enhance their leisure time.

4. Andhang Pangrenan Park

Andhang Pangrenan Park

Andhang Pangrenan Park is another recreational park you can enjoy apart from Alun-Alun Purwokerto.

This greenery park allows you to have relaxation and other entertaining events like the Festival of Light which is hold in November, where you will be amazed with the outstanding projectors of light in such outdoor festival—another night-time photo spot for your Instagram.

However, it is forbidden to bring your own food and drinks, pets, bicycles, and several other things to the park.

A cheap entry ticket should be purchased for Rp2.000, and you can rent bicycles, scooters, and becaks inside.

5. The Village

The Village

The next place on the list is a part of Batu Raden, and it is called The Village. It is another beautiful recreational spot with unique European styles.

This place of attraction offers many facilities inside, including the rabbit park, gold hunter, bird dome, as well as horse-riding.

Also completed with a canoe-ride along the river surrounding the area, this place has then allowed its visitors to have decent places for photography while enjoying the entertainment.

The entry ticket will only cost you Rp10.000 on weekdays and Rp18.000 on weekends, and the site is located only 5 kilometers from the city center.

6. The Forest Island

The Forest Island

Unlike the bulk of rides and plays offered in The Village, this other travel destination called The Forest Island focuses more on the natural sceneries that you can enjoy.

Soon after entering the gate, visitors will be spoiled with the beautiful view of the flower garden which is filled with colorful synthetic flowers.

Besides, you can also find another garden with a fishpond and water fountain, all very suitable to take pictures.

Visitors can also have additional facilities of swimming pool and children’s waterpark.

It is located very close to The Village, and you only need to pay Rp10.000 and Rp15.000 for weekday and weekend visits respectively.

7. Taman Akuarium Besar Purbasari

Taman Akuarium Besar Purbasari

Last but not least on the list is Taman Akuarium Besar Purbasari.

This educational tourism spot provides you with a large and decent aquarium with various fish and other sea animals inside.

Becoming a part of a water park with various kids rides and swimming pools, this site is a suitable place to enjoy observing these sea creatures while also finding Instagrammable spots especially with its decent shape of dome.

Besides, it also have some restaurants which serve the traditional food in Central Java.

It is located inside the Taman Wisata Pendidikan Purbasari in Jl. Raya Purbayasa, and the entry ticket only costs you approximately Rp20.000.

This then wraps the list of seven most Instagrammable places to visit in Purwokerto.

Hopefully, this can add to your reference on what to do in this city while hunting for photo spots to fill your Instagram feeds.