10 Active Volcanoes in Central Java Need to Be Aware

Indonesia lies along between equator line which then makes this country so rich in natural resources. This country also offers us with too many magnificent views we get from its beautiful cultures and people, forests, savannas, beaches, to mountains.

Many local and international hikers like to spend their time conquering various mountains in Indonesia. If any of you don’t know much about mountain in Indonesia especially in Central Java, here we present to you several active volcanoes in Central Java with lovely surroundings that worth to hike.

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1. Mount Merapi

mount merapiMount Merapi is located in between 4 districts: Sleman, Klaten, Magelang and Boyolali. It is 2.968 MASL and is one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia. It has a dangerous predicate, the record shows that in two to five years, the mountain is erupted.

Since 1548, Mount Merapi has erupted 68 times. Can be calculated that this mountain erupts, more or less, every seven years.

2. Mount Sumbing

mount sumbingMount Sumbing is 3.371 MASL and located between Wonosobo, Megalang and Temanggung districts. The hikers usually take Mount Sumbing and its twin, Mount Sindoro, as one package of their hiking trip.

On the other hand, there is habit for hiker who climb this mount. They will hike Sumbing first, then continuing to hike on Sindoro.

3. Mount Sindoro

mount sindoroMount Sindoro is located near Temanggung city with 3.150 MASL. It has so many craters and one of the biggest named Kembang carter which is a pile of lava and is on the top of Sindoro mountain.

Throughout history, Sindoro volcano has erupted several times with the status of small and medium eruption (medium eruption can also be called as Phreatic eruption).

4. Mount Slamet

mount slametMount Slamet is located between 5 locations: Brebes, Banyumas, Purbalingga, Tegal and Pemalang districts. It is 3.428 MASL and is the highest one in Central Java, making the climbers flocked to their stunning natural beauty.

Moreover, there is a slogan that is quite famous among climbers, namely ‘the peak of Slamet never broken its promise’.

You can climb Mount Slamter by choosing one of its three official climbing tracks.

5. Mount Prau

mount prauBefore we gone too far, let us tell you that Mount Prau is different from Mount Tangkuan Perahu. Mount Prau is located between Wonosobo, Banjarnegara, Batang, Kendal, and Temanggung districts.

Furthermore, it actually is 2.590 MASL and has 5 official climbing tracks which you can choose according to your desire. But please, make sure to hava a research about each track before hiking.

6. Mount Merbabu

mount merbabuMount Merbabu has two summit which is Syarif (3.119 MASL) and Kenteng Songo (3.142 MASL). Known as the sleeping mountain, the mountain that used to be active, now is resting.

As seen in this mountain, we can find at least 5 pieces of crater, the crater of Kombang, Rebab, Kendang, Sambernyowo and Condrodimuko crater. We can climb or hike to its top through 4 lanes which are Selo lane, Kopeng lane, Wakas lane and Suwanting lane.

7. Mount Lawu

mount lawuMount Lawu is located in between East and Central Java provinces. It is 3.265 MASL. Mount Lawu is an active volcano that is resting.

However, nowadays, Mount Lawu is not active, but whenever this mountain can be active again. That’s why we must still not being careless.

On the other hand, Mount Lawu reported that the last eruption was on November 28, 1885.

8. Mount Rogojembangan

mount rogojembanganMount Rogojembangan is a mountain that stands dashing on the border between 2 districts, namely Banjarnegara and Pekalongan districts. There are two climbing paths to choose, through sub-district wanayasa Banjarnegara District or District Petungkriono Pekalongan Regency.

Then, the 2.117 MASL top isn’t really huge (approximately in a size of a football field) with only flat land surface.

9. Mount Ungaran

mount ungaranMount Ungaran is located in Semarang district. It is 2.050 MASL. This is the first high mountain that can be seen when we’re riding from Semarang to the south, it appears on the west side of the road.

Furthermore, it has been classified as strato type of mount which was made by an eruption before.

10. Mount Muria

mount muriaMount Muria is located Jepara district. It is 1.602 MASL. There is a famous and legendary area relic of ‘Wali Songo’ which is a guesthouse in the peak area as the first place Islamic had been spread in Java island.

On the other hand, Sunan Muria was buried there, too.

As stated in the opening, those mentioned mountains above are still have active status which means that it might be exploded and erupted at any time soon. So, when we decide to climb one of those, we need to do research about its specific conditions beforehand. So then, we can climb and down the mountain safely.

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Hiking Tips for Beginner

For beginner that is still clueless about hiking world, don’t worry. We have several hiking tips for beginners to follow. Please make sure to fulfill each point with enough effort and good deeds.

  • Have enough feet exercise – We can start exercising 2 months before we finally decided to climb the mountain. Do some joggings and other motions to build up our feet muscles and try to do balancing training regularly, too.
  • Maintain good mental and physical condition. This is become priority.
  • Bring essential things, personally and collectively – Make sure you bring jackets, gloves, headgear, mountain shoes, socks, big bags, small bags, sleeping bags, tents, mattresses, flashlights, sticks to lighten body loads, coats, and camera!
  • Bring enough foods during hiking trips – So then your group won’t be running out of food stocks until you go back down the mountain.
  • Learn how to walk properly – Because during hiking trip, we will be using our feet at any time.
  • Find hiking leader for your group – Choose person with more experience on hiking a mountain than the others.
  • Ask for hiking permit – Usually will be helped by local people around the foot of a mountain.
  • Behave properly – Because every place has that mystical creatures living in there too. Behave properly and carefully. Be mindful.
  • Remember dos and don’ts. That must stated by the local guides at the first station
  • Keep your liters during hiking trips at trash bags. Keep our earth clean.
  • Try not to complain and Don’t shy to ask for resting time to your groups – Always update your own condition to your other group members so then they could help you out and you can reach the top together!

After knowing numbers active volcanoes in Central Java and hiking tips for beginners, hopefully your hiking experience in the future are going to be well-prepared and filled with fun and enjoyment. Happy hiking!