13 Cultural Practices in Indonesia

A cultural practice is life habit that highly sticks to every aspect of a person’s life. It may affect how a person behaves privately or within a public space. Indonesia has many cultural practices. These practices are passed down from one generation to the next because they are already a part of the culture in […]

13 Ways How to Make Friends in Jakarta

Making friends can be fun especially when you are living in Jakarta. Jakarta is the capital city in Indonesia. It’s a huge city, packed with a lot of people. Having many people in the area may seem like a good thing because there are more potential friends. But the truth is that it can get […]

13 Consumer Lifestyle in Indonesia

Consumers are one of the main drive in a country’s economy. They buy and consume goods offered to them. Also, they are the main cause why companies keep innovating and improving their services. These consumers have a basic lifestyle and Consumer Buying Habits in Indonesia that everyone almost do. Here are 13 Consumer Lifestyle in Indonesia. […]

13 Cultural Habits in Indonesia

A cultural habit is a series of behaviours that a group of people with the same background do in their life. These behaviours involve the ways they treat other people, the ways they eat, how they carry out certain actions and so many other things. Below are 13 Cultural Habits in Indonesia. These habits are […]

12 Social Norms in Indonesia You Must Know

Social norms are behaviours and the basic ways of socialising within the community. The social norms are guidelines for people to avoid unpleasant or unwanted situation. Indonesia is a country with several social norms that people carry out when they are interacting with each other. This article explains the 12 Social Norms in Indonesia that […]

20 Indonesian Work Culture – Characteristics

In Indonesia, there are several common work culture that most employees or workers follow through on their day to day working routine. The work culture expects the employees to behave and talk in a particular way for a purpose. Below are 20 Indonesian Work Culture. By reading all the work culture, it might be easier […]

20 Eating Habits in Indonesia – Society Life

This topic may make you scratch your head, or make your stomach rumbling because now, we want to discuss about Food! Its not about the actual food sadly, but about how Indonesian eat, how is their habit. If you’re Indonesian, maybe you experienced all of these habits in your daily life. But if you’re not, […]