13 Consumer Lifestyle in Indonesia

Consumers are one of the main drive in a country’s economy. They buy and consume goods offered to them. Also, they are the main cause why companies keep innovating and improving their services. These consumers have a basic lifestyle and Consumer Buying Habits in Indonesia that everyone almost do. Here are 13 Consumer Lifestyle in Indonesia. Read on to find out the different ways Indonesians are consuming goods and services.

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1. Buying Apartments

More and more people in the city are buying apartments. Vertical style of living is seen as more efficient when you live inside a busy city. Apartments are usually located in strategic places. You can travel to different places at a faster rate than usual. Apartments are expensive but it is the only option when there are no more spaces for housing.

2. Demanding Smaller Houses

Indonesian consumers are demanding more smaller houses. There is an increasing lack of space for housing development. But there is a way to manage it if smaller houses are built. Moreover, the consumers would rather settle for a small house at a lower cost rather than an expensive one.

3. Shopping Online 

People are beginning to actively shop online. It saves time, more practical and easier than ever. Shoppers no longer feel the need to come to a mall or a Traditional Market in Indonesia unless they really want to. Shopping online takes care of everything that you need. All you have to do is pick your desirable item, pay for it and wait for the company to deliver.

4. Consumers Leaning to Healthier Lifestyle

The consumers in Indonesia are starting to realise how bad a lifestyle could be when it has less focus on health. Thus, they are beginning to be more conscious of everything that goes into their bodies. Many people in Indonesia tend to buy food or vegetables that are labeled as organic. This especially applies to consumers in middle class and upwards.

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5. Increasing Savings 

Although people are spending their money on more items, some shoppers are wary of their shopping habit. They choose a lifestyle where they would rather cut their spending and save more money into their savings. They carefully buy items that they really need instead of ones that they want but are not necessarily useful.

6. Subscribing to Streaming Service

Due to the highly advanced technological devices that we have today, it becomes easier for consumers to subscribe to streaming service. There are so many different choices of streaming services that you can pay for. Some are even available for free unless you want more privileges. People are spending money on streaming services such as Netflix for movies and Spotify for music.

7. Switching to Online Transportation

Other than spending money for online movies and music, people are also switching to online transportation. Online transportation such as Uber or Go-Jek in Indonesia provides reliable services to customers. People can have an alternative ways of getting to places if they don’t want to use Public Transportation in Indonesia as well as Indonesian Traditional Transportation.

8. Buying the Latest Electronic Gadgets

Consumers in Indonesia are always on the alert for the latest electronic gadgets. They are curious about the newest phones or other kinds of electronic devices. They would try to find out when these items would be released so that they can also buy them. Some people may also start saving up their money earlier just so they can have the latest electronic gadget.

9. Purchasing the Latest Trendy Items 

People of all ages in Indonesia like to purchase the latest trendy items. These items may include the latest clothes, shoes or other fashion accessories. The latest trendy items in Indonesia have been fidget spinners and slimes. Children become highly consumed into these toys and their parents would buy those items for them.

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10. Buying Energy Efficient Appliance

There is a large portion of Indonesian consumers who are highly conscious about the environment. They try as much as possible purchase appliances that are labeled as eco friendly. By buying these energy efficient appliances, they hope that they can contribute into bettering the condition of the environment. It’s also seen as a good way of using less electricity which means spending less money on it.

11. Spend Money for Travelling

Many Indonesians are not fond of buying products or items. They may see it as wasting money. These people prefer to spend their money for travelling rather than on trivial items. They are enthusiastic on visiting places outside of Indonesia. They want to meet new people and experience new cultures. For them, traveling is the only best way of spending their money.

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12. Choosing Animal Free Cosmetics

Indonesian shoppers who spend most of their time on cosmetics are now on the lookout for products that are animal cruelty free. They are more aware of how some cosmetic industries carry out their practice. These people do not agree with how companies are still using animals to test their products. They will refuse to buy anything that harms animals. These shoppers would only buy cosmetics that do not cause suffering to animals.

13. Slight Distrust in Online Payment

Although Indonesian consumers are more comfortable in buying things online, there is a downside to it. Most people have a slight distrust in online payment. They are worried that their might be safety issue when they purchase things online. Other than that, they are also very cautious of scammers who sell things online. There have been so many cases of scamming in Indonesia through online shopping.

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With the advanced technology that we have, Indonesian customers are shifting more into online purchasing. However, some are still comfortable in going to supermarkets or the stores. Either way, Indonesian consumers still contribute to Indonesia’s economy.