The History of Indonesia Economic Growth

Since 1961, the Indonesian economy has generally experienced growth and only contracted twice. Indonesia’s highest GDP growth was recorded in 1968 or the beginning of the New Order era, reaching 10.92%. While in the reform era, the highest economic growth was recorded in 2007, which was 6.35%. However, the Indonesian economy has also experienced negative […]

The Significant Development of Tourism in Bali

It was beginning with the recognition of the island of Bali by westerners, then it tells a long historical story. This history also influences the development of Bali tourism. The main thing that makes Bali famous for its tourism is certainly not because of the beaches, mountains, and other natural charms. However, Balinese tourism is […]

The Development of Social Media in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the countries in the world that has the most population. With a population of around 200 million people, it is not wrong if many people call Indonesia a very potential market for the digital world. Therefore, according to research conducted, there are around 88.1 million people who use the internet actively […]

The Development of Islamic Finance in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country with the largest Muslim population in the world. The majority of the Muslim population makes Indonesia a potential market in the development of Islamic finance. One that has now begun to develop rapidly is the existence of banks whose operational activities use sharia principles. Islamic finance in Indonesia is projected to […]

13 Importance of Entrepreneurship Development in Indonesia

Entrepreneurship is the ability of a risk manager to optimize all available resources, whether material, intellectual, time, and his ability to produce a product or business that is useful to him and to others. Currently, the government is intensively conducting entrepreneurship development so that Indonesian youth can improve their quality through entrepreneurship. No matter, the […]

10 Importance of Entrepreneurship Development in Indonesia

Entrepreneurship relies on individuals with the motivation to create their own business. Indonesia is a country where it highly encourages its people to start their own kind of business. There are risks and costs that come along with the business. However, the people believe that when you want to do something then there will always be […]