5 Best Indonesian Horror Movies

Indonesia’s film industry has been growing rapidly in the past decade, producing numerous high-quality movies of many genres—drama, comedy, action, thriller, horror, and others. Of all these genres, it is no more doubted that the horror genre has been one of the most identical genres when it comes to Indonesian movies. Horror movies have been […]

5 Most Popular Indonesian Actresses

As a rapidly growing industry in Indonesia, the national film industry has attracted many women to participate in film productions as an actress. A lot have been developing their acting careers in this industry, and talented names have continued to stand out and become widely known as popular actresses in Indonesia. We all should have […]

21 Most Watched Indonesian Movies in Worldwide (Interesting)

Movie is audio-visual media to communicates a message. Then, nowadays, development of Indonesian films has growth rapidly. The existence of various genres such as action, biopic, and biography added. Moreover, there are an increase according from people interest to watch Indonesia movies. Report said that there are seven films that up to one million viewers. Then, the rapid […]