5 Most Popular Indonesian Actresses

As a rapidly growing industry in Indonesia, the national film industry has attracted many women to participate in film productions as an actress.

A lot have been developing their acting careers in this industry, and talented names have continued to stand out and become widely known as popular actresses in Indonesia.

We all should have seen these popular actresses showing up in national movies we have watched in cinemas.

Some being legendary and some others being new but with massive fandoms.

Here is the list of five most popular Indonesian actresses that you should be familiar of.

1. Dian Sastrowardoyo

Dian Sastrowardoyo

This legendary actress of Indonesia was firstly recognized widely in the industry through her film entitled Ada Apa dengan Cinta?, where her role here in one of the most watched Indonesian movies as the main character Cinta has attracted public attention.

Beginning her career through a beauty pageant contest at the age of fourteen, she has then continued her acting career through more films like KartiniAruna dan Lidahnya, and twelve others.

Not only that Dian Sastro is well-known among the Indonesian society for her incredible acting, her outstanding performance is also proven through her achievements where she won several prestigious acting awards.

Some of the awards are Festival Film Indonesia in 2004 as the Best Actress for Ada Apa dengan Cinta? and Asia Pacific Film Festival in 2005 as the Most Promising Actress for her other film, Banyu Biru.

2. Pevita Pearce

Pevita Pearce

Another actress which caught the attention of many people is the British-Indonesian actress Pevita Pearce.

Her acting talent has brought her to many phenomenal Indonesian films comprising Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijck and Gundala.

Her lead role in the upcoming film from the Bumilangit Cinematic Universe as Sri Asih, one of the most popular Indonesian superheroes, also proves her decent acting especially in action-drama movies.

Pevita’s great performances were also admitted by many awards. This includes winning the Indonesian Choice Awards in 2014 as the Actress of the Year as well as Nickelodeon Indonesia Kids’ Choice Awards as the Favorite Actress.

These achievements have shown that this popular actress with 12.6 million followers on her Instagram is indeed a very talented actress.

3. Prilly Latuconsina

Prilly Latuconsina

Having her name lifted up from a well-known television series entitled Ganteng Ganteng Serigala, Prilly Latuconsina is now getting more deeply into the film industry and has continued to dominate the lead roles of various films since 2016.

She received massive applause for her horror movie debut in the film called Danur, by which the film became the first Indonesian horror movie to reach more than 2 million viewers of all time.

She has also played the lead role in other movies like Hangout, Rasuk, and Asih.

Prilly’s name is widely known in the digital society by which she has successfully attracted 33.7 million people to follow her in Instagram.

Also, with a total of 1.64 million subscribers in YouTube, her popularity is then no more doubted.

Like other popular actresses, she has also proven her talents through various awards like Indonesian Television Awards and Panasonic Gobel Awards.

4. Vanesha Prescilla

Vanesha Prescilla

Vanesha Prescilla may be a new name in this film industry, but her debut in one of the best Indonesian romance movies of all times, Dilan 1990, has caught the public’s attention through her lead role as Milea.

After playing as the partner of Dilan who was played by Iqbaal, one of the most popular Indonesian actors, her performance continued to impress people through her next film entitled #TemanTapiMenikah.

Not only known for her talents in acting and modelling, Vanesha was also assigned to sing for her film’s soundtracks with The Panasdalam Bank and gained compliments from the society.

Having won the Indonesian Movie Actors Awards in 2018, Vanesha is undoubtedly a new asset for Indonesia’s future film industry as one young talented actress.

5. Tara Basro

Tara Basro

Having her name well-known since her first film entitled Catatan (Harian) Si Boy, Tara Basro has continued to dominate Indonesia’s screen production becoming another talented actress people admire.

She is also known for a bunch of other films including 3 Srikandi, Ini Kisah Tiga Dara, as well as A Copy of My Mind, which was directed by Joko Anwar, one of the most prominent movie directors in modern Indonesian film industry.

Throughout her acting career, she has also succeeded in winning prestigious awards like Indonesian Film Festival and Usmar Ismail Awards as the Best Actress.

Her film also managed to reach the international market in 2015 Toronto International Film Festival and 72nd Venice International Film Festival.

With these achievements, Tara Basro is of course considered another legend for our national film industry.

This then wraps the list of five most popular Indonesian actresses that you should know.

There are indeed many more talented and famous actresses that Indonesia possesses out of this list.

Let’s hope that these names will continue to help develop this growing film industry in Indonesia.