5 Most Popular Indonesian Actresses

As a rapidly growing industry in Indonesia, the national film industry has attracted many women to participate in film productions as an actress. A lot have been developing their acting careers in this industry, and talented names have continued to stand out and become widely known as popular actresses in Indonesia. We all should have […]

7 Legendary Indonesian Soap Operas You Will Always Miss

Recently, Indonesian people are complaining about how uneducated the current soap operas are. They miss the legendary Indonesian soap operas that were entertaining and valuable since they talked about family, funny jokes, and touching love.  Let us teleport into the past and take a trip down to memory lane about the legendary Indonesian soap operas […]

7 Most Popular Indonesian Actors

Indonesia’s film industry has been growing for the past decade. It is because of the role of excellent and highly talented directors, scriptwriters, cameramen, and more importantly most popular Indonesian actors.  It is actors who show up to the screen and create whether good or bad impression to audiences. Some of the actors become highly […]

Reminiscing the 6 Legendary Television Quiz Shows in Indonesia

Nowadays, the main entertainment for people is social media such as YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook. However, about twenty years ago television had been an excellent entertainment for many people, especially Indonesians. There are soap operas, cartoons, and legendary television quiz shows in Indonesia. “At that time was good old days,” Indonesian people said. The […]