The Unique Tradition of Balinese Funerals in Indonesia

Bali is a very famous cultural tourism destination to foreign countries. No wonder, if the longer Bali the more foreign visitors. They come to Bali not just enjoy the beauty of nature. Some of them claim to be curious about the cultural diversity in Bali. One of the things that interest them is the tradition […]

Cremation in Bali Indonesia – Traditions

Bali, one of the most popular islands in the world, and also known as the tourist – spot. According to a recent survey, Bali is still on the top of most wanted to visit island in the world and it is the most visited place in Indonesia. Indonesia itself, a country which is rich in […]

Tana Toraja Death Rituals – Funeral Ceremony

Toraja people are one of native people in Indonesian Tribes that lives in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Most of the ethnic descendants are living in Tana Toraja or Toraja Land in the middle of Sulawesi island, about 300 km north of Makassar, the capital city of South Sulawesi province. People of Toraja adheres to animism, which sees […]

Ngaben in Bali – Ceremony – History – Procession – Tradition

Ngaben ceremony or also often called Cremation Ceremony is an important ritual performed by Balinese Hindu in Indonesia to send the deceased to the next life.  This ceremony is very well known not only in Indonesia but also worldwide. It always attracts tourists from all over the worlds because this is done uniquely, vibrantly, artistically, […]