The Growth of Technology in Indonesia (Opportunity and Challenge)

The world has now entered the era of industrial technology 4.0. Everyone in the world now lives virtually and digitally in so-called internet. Most of every aspect in the world now is connected to computer and data base. It’s no wonder now that people rely too much on internet connection nowadays than 10 years ago. […]

12 Disadvantages of Globalization in Indonesia

Globalization in Indonesia has been happening for several decades. It is a part of Indonesian Economy Growth that every Indonesian face. Moreover, The globalization means Indonesia is opening up for foreign companies, investors and workers. it is a process in which enable people from all over the world to interact, depend on and influence each […]

13 Effects Of Globalization On Business In Indonesia

Globalization is the linkage and dependence between nations and between people throughout the world through trade, investment, travel and popular culture. Globalization is a process in which between individuals, between groups, and between countries interact, depend, relate, and influence each other across national boundaries. In many ways, globalization has many of the same characteristics as […]