13 Common Streets to Avoid in Bali

Going to Bali is such a traveler goal. There is a diverse popular culture in Bali making it a must go to destination and for a good reason. But sometimes you just want to experience things you can only find in Bali area like a local and dodge all the tourists. This can be almost impossible […]

17 Scams to Avoid in Bali

As a famous tourist destination, Bali is home to many famous things in Bali Indonesia and experience to discover. But as the old saying goes in time, “behind every shiny glow,  lies a shadow. There are scams in Bali that travelers should know and avoid. Commision drivers Traveling in Bali means to rely on their transportations. There are drivers […]

13 Hectic Places to avoid in Jakarta that Travelers Should Know

Among many cities in Indonesia Bali and Jakarta stand out in front of the world mind. Jakarta as the capital city offers great business opportunities and a window to enter this archipelago country. While another part of Indonesia offers great natural resources, natural wonders, and amazing social culture, Jakarta is the most modern of them all. […]

14 Areas to Avoid in Bali

There are many popular famous destination in Bali and for many good reasons. However, sometimes you just want to experience the area like a true local and dodge all the tourists. This can be almost impossible with a constant wave of international travelers. Nevertheless, there are a few hidden natural wonders in Bali that haven’t been tainted […]

12 Disadvantages of Globalization in Indonesia

Globalization in Indonesia has been happening for several decades. It is a part of Indonesian Economy Growth that every Indonesian face. Moreover, The globalization means Indonesia is opening up for foreign companies, investors and workers. it is a process in which enable people from all over the world to interact, depend on and influence each […]

The Best Massage in Jakarta for Relax

There are many perks living in the big city. Jakarta, The capital city of Indonesia also serves many advantages for people living in Jakarta. You will have no problem to decide on what to eat in Jakarta or what famous places to visit in Jakarta. It is truly one stop living paradise for anyone living […]

Best Ice Cream in Jakarta You Must Try

The capital city attracts people to come and stay because many benefits that come with it. There are many working opportunities, entertainment attractions, wide range choices of cuisine are just some of the positive sides. This also applies to Indonesia. There are many advantages of living in Jakarta, for the inhabitants and also visitors. There are […]

Best Cheesecake in Jakarta

You will find it easy to find food in Jakarta. This capital city of Indonesia serves as a melting pot for Indonesian and International cuisine. It is one of the advantages of living in Jakarta and experiencing all of its perks. There is always something for everyone, the seafood lover, the street food, vegetarian or […]

Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Jakarta

Jakarta has the best food in terms of taste, variety, and presentations. The authentic cuisine and natural resources have many vegetables in it. Therefore, you will find much vegetarian food in restaurants around Jakarta. In this capital city of Indonesia, you will find many culinary from around Indonesia with vegetable variation. Your choices for a healthy green dish […]

Best Food in West Jakarta

Jakarta has the best food in terms of taste, variety, and presentations. If you only see authentic Bali cuisine in Bali or the traditional Jogjakarta dishes in Java, in Jakarta you will find many culinary from around Indonesia. Your choices for something to feel your hunger is endless. You can go to a fine restaurant […]