6 Distinct Facts About the 2019 Indonesian General Election You Need to Know

Indonesia had just passed the “hot” atmosphere, especially in politics. In 2019, Indonesia held a general election which was run once in five years to choose a leader for this country.  In that year, the Indonesian people, not only the inhabitants of famous cities in Indonesia but also in other regions, voted for both presidential […]

History and Philosophy of Indonesian Flag

Indonesian flag has color red and white in horizontal direction. It was tailored in 1944 before Indonesia announced its independence day in August 17th, 1945 by Indonesia’s first president’s wife Sukmawati. The original flag is knitted by hand since there wasn’t many shewing machine back in the day. It’s also used in the main ceremony […]

Learn 7 Things from Grassroots in Indonesia, A Life proof of Pancasila

Indonesian people has been living under a believe that’s established by their founding fathers, Pancasila. Pancasila consists of five fundamental points that Indonesian people must follow. It is an ideology that shapes Indonesia as a country, a nation, a community. Pancasila comes from Sanskrit language that means five fundamental points, panca means five and sila […]

10 Facts about Indonesian Government – 2014-2019 Periods

The Indonesian government is divided into several periods. Each period of government, of course, has a different policy. In the Indonesian government especially the period 2014-2019, not much changed from the previous government leadership (2009-2014). In this period, for the seventh time Indonesia has a new president (Ir Joko Widodo). Then of course the cabinet […]

10 Political Characteristics in Indonesia

Do you like politics? The topic of politics could not be separated from the daily life of the people today. Every crowds, students in campus, the people in the side of road, everyone start to talk about politic as the topic. It seems politics is everywhere. It was started when Indonesia has the big event […]