The uniqueness of Madura Batik

Indonesia is known best for its Batik, most region have their own signature Batik. First of all Batik is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to a cloth. Batik can be made either by drawing dots and lines with a tool called tjanting or another technique is by printing with a copper stamp called a cap. Many batik […]

Traditional Dyeing Technique of Java – Steps – Examples

Dyeing is an attempt to increase the commercial value of textile goods. This commercial value involves sensory values ​​such as colors, patterns and modes, and usability values ​​depending on whether the final product is used for clothing, household goods or other uses. These values ​​can be provided in a variety of ways by different materials, […]

Javanese Batik Fabric – Culture – Tradition – Types

Do you know Batik?. First of all, Batik is a cultural heritage of Indonesia which has a high value and fusion of art, filled with philosophical meanings and meaningful symbols that show the way of thinking of the community that create it. However, This special thing  is a craft that has become part of Indonesian culture especially […]