Advantageous 17 Traditional Indonesian Medicines

Medicines are very important t our life. They can tke away those sickness with such an excellent results. But, some medicines have some side effects, that can be a little annoying. Some of the side effects can even bring another disease. See also : Indonesian Herbal Medicine Native Plants of Indonesia Indonesia Jamu So, to […]

20 Useful Indonesian Traditional Medicinal Plants

Sometimes, we oftenly feel the one little thing called sickness. They came from anywhere, we can’t do anythung to resist them. And, after finally caught it, we need something to release the pain, which is medicine. For Indonesian people, we prefer to use the natural ones that available all around us. See also : Indonesian […]

17 Medicinal Plants of Indonesia – Health Benefits

Indonesia is the country with the high rate of illness. We  cannot be healthy all the time. We can be ill from time to time. Because of the illness, the people try to find the cure by studying about herbal medicinal plantations, and searching for them. So you may find many of them on the […]