17 Medicinal Plants of Indonesia – Health Benefits

Indonesia is the country with the high rate of illness. We  cannot be healthy all the time. We can be ill from time to time. Because of the illness, the people try to find the cure by studying about herbal medicinal plantations, and searching for them. So you may find many of them on the people’s residents those beneficial vegetation.

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And now, we’re gonna discuss about it. The 17 medicinal plants in Indonesia. Because of the weather and the other stuff, the plantations can only be planted in here, the tropical area. So, of course many of them are strange to your ears, because you haven’t met them in your daily activities. Then, let’s dig some more about it!

1. Jinten leaf

The first one is the Jinten leaf. You can almost find them in many areas like gardens, or rice fields. However, after the people found it then, they start to plant them for them self in their own house. So you can see them in the houses, of your neighbors. They plant it as the way to success the TOGA system.

The plant has dozen of benefits, so it’s suggested to plant at least one in your own house. The benefits are really useful for newly moms, and the elders. Therefore, the benefits of this plant are improving the body immune system, and then making the breast milk production richer. For the elders, the Jinten leaf can be used to cure rheumatism.

2. Mahoni Seed

The next is Mahoni seed. The seed of Mahoni can be found in several spots especially in Java island. You can find many of Mahoni trees in there, and the searching will be quite easy.Then, it will only take minutes to take the seeds from trees. Also, you can picking the seeds that feel under the tree. The second option is much easier.

Then, the usefulness of the seed is the basic ingredient to make medicines. Yep, many of the pills and capsules are use the mahoni seed as the base. After that, they can produce more products that can cure your fever and also rheumatism.

3. Patah Tulang

Patah tulang means broken bone in Indonesian. So, like you can guess, the plant has more benefits in curing anything about bones. Like broken bones, or osteoporosis. We can assume that the plant is very useful for the old people. They can mix the plant and make them as a medicine to their rheumatism.

Beside curing the illness above like broken bones or rheumatism, other benefits you can get from this plant are as the remedy for tumor, cancer, and other skin diseases. You can get all the benefits in only one package of Patah Tulang.

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4. Sisik Naga leaf

Sisik naga means the dragon silk. Because of the plant almost looks like the dragon silk, you know the thin and circle plate of its silk. Anyway, this green dragon silk can be found in some tress. They will stay on other high vegetation for a living.

The plant can cures several diseases like leukure, breast cancer, bleeding, stomach ache, and again, rheumatic. So, from the information above we can conclude that this Sisik Naga is suitable medicine for woman.

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5. Ceker Ayam Leaf

The name of ceker ayam (chickens feet) is made because of the from of the leaf that looks like it. Almost look like the branches of snow crystal. You can find the ceker ayam leaf in the cold area of Indonesia, like Malang for example.

The leaf can be used to threat the diseases that has related to respiratory system. So, it can cure the illness like bronchitis, cough, tonsillitis, and even the lung cancer. Even though not much, but the plant can helps.

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6. Benalu leaf

The sixth is the benalu leaf. Even though this is actually parasite, doesn’t mean that this benalu is none other than junk in our life. With a little bit knowledge and patient, we can turn this irritating parasite into one useful medicine.

The leaf of Benalu has many useful nutrition that an be good for our body, if we know how to extract it. We can finally turn it into one medicine that really useful for our urinary tract. They can make the troubles like prostate problem gone.

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7. Brotowali

The seventh place is Brotowali. This plant is very well known in Indonesia. So, if you looking for some, you an ask where the nearest spot you can get to find the Brotowali. Don’t worry, people will gladly tell you if there’s any.

Anyways, the benefits from this plant is the special nutrition that can be used for diabetes. The other illness is rheumatic and also malaria. Then if your relatives got the malaria fever, you can get them this Brotowali to cure them immediately, even though the taste is very bitter.

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8. Cempaka Putih

The next one is the Cempaka Putih or the White Cempaka. The flower has things that make it more unique and “enjoyable” than other flowers. It smells really good, it has a good looking, and other benefits to our body. So that’s why, many people used this flower in certain ceremony.

Beside for ceremonies, the flower can be used as a medicine for the sinuses, vertigo, cough, and also make your body smells good. Say no more to body odor. Because with only this flower, you can be confident again.

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9. Kenop Flower

The flower ain’t typical in Indonesia. Many came from other area like America, or other areas around Asia. The people used the flower to make their garden looks more beautiful than before. But, here’s another usefulness you can get from the flower.

The flower will cure all kind of illness like asthma, head ache, and also fever. This flower also can be used to treat your mind, if you always having bad dreams. So, it’s a medicine either for physical and psychological.

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10. Ciplukan

The next is Ciplukan. The plant looks like a lantern, a little green lanterns. You can easily found them in the 90’s, when they are still growing rapidly in the areas of Indonesia. But now, you can find them in the supermarket for price.

When we were kids, we can easily grab the fruits and ate them without worry. It’s free back then, no potential owner or anything. Anyway, the fruits very useful for curing the breast cancer and other illness. So for you who born in the 90’s, you are very lucky.

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11. Andong leaf

You can easily find the flower in many areas in Indonesia. The schools in Indonesia, almost all of them have them at least two in front of the office buildings. You can also look for them in your nearest florist.

Then, what are the things that can be cured by this purplish flower? Well, the flower can make our illness gone by its functions. The flower can cure the stings from venomous animals. You can bring one if you have a plan to camping or hiking. Or maybe doing another outdoor activities.

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12. Tempuyung

Tempuyung plant can be found on the dark areas. It hates the sun light so much. Well, you can seek it in the darker area of a cave or under the rocks in the wild. You can find them, specifically in the jungle and other wild area.

It’s used to be a traditional medicine, but now many people use it to create another modern remedy to cure obesity and other illness. Don’t worry, even they use the plant all the time, the number of it is till growing large.

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13. Pegagan

The 13th on the list is Pegagan. Pegagan is typical plant in Java island.So, in here you can find many of them lying around. Other than Java, the Pegagan also can be found in Africa, in the swam area to be exact. Also comes with the different name of course.

Now, you can try to make a medicine with the Pegagan plant, and by doing so you can create a really reliable medicine that can cure many illness. Also, the Pegagan’s medicine can also cure anxiosness, by either smiling or drinking its extract.

14. Adem Ati

Adem ati means chill in heart. So maybe you can chill a little bit by consuming the plant. You can found this plant in the jungle and other wild area. The tree can grow up to 10 meters. So it might be a little challenging to get its flower.

But after getting those flowers, you can process it into a medicine. A medicine that can cure enteritis and also bleeding. Well, by using this medicine, you can chill the illness a bit, and finally destroy it for good.

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15. Daun Adas

Next, is Adas. This beautifully decorated yellow flower can be found on the high lands like hills or even mountain. Some may confuse this with Edelweiss flower. But hey, they don’t have any similarities beside the physical form.

Now, some can found it in Yogyakarta, and it’s believed to be the typical plantation of the area. So you can go there to find one, they plant many of them. Back to the benefits, this Adas has many of them. Adas can cure some serous illness like heart disease and also preventing cancer.

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16. Local Avocado

Who doesn’t like avocado. This cute fruit with a little creamy flesh is so delicious. Yet you can find it in nearest grocery store, of course they have one. Usually the people make it as a juice and then consume it when it’s cold.

That’s a good way to consume it though, but you can eat it directly without using any kind of stuff. Just use your teeth. For the baby, this fruit can be very useful for their health. Also for old people, Avocado is the best way to reduce cholesterol level.

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17. Akar Manis

The last but of course not the least is Akar Manis. This sweet root is very  useful one. Even though it’s a little bit hard to find many of them in Indonesia, but there’s hope to conserving this in our own country. Too bad they still imported them from the outside.

For the beneficial stuff, this sweet root has some. There are many nutrition in this Akar Manis, that can be useful to to cure high blood pressure, cough, and stomach problems. To consume it, you can add some and pour it into your drink like tea for example. Akar Manis also add this sweet taste in your tea, which is really good.

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The list of 17 medical plants in Indonesia is finally complete. Now you can search the corresponding plantation to be as your cure for the illness you suffer. Then, after several treatments you’ll be in a great condition in no time.