5 Reasons Why People of Indonesia Has Never Ending Friendliness

Indonesia is full of friendly people. They greet you in the morning, they talk to you in the noon, they accompany you in the evening, even at midnight. This close relation between one another has been Indonesian culture for more than hundred years. Since traditional society era, Indonesian people has certain culture that builds close […]

Learn 7 Things from Grassroots in Indonesia, A Life proof of Pancasila

Indonesian people has been living under a believe that’s established by their founding fathers, Pancasila. Pancasila consists of five fundamental points that Indonesian people must follow. It is an ideology that shapes Indonesia as a country, a nation, a community. Pancasila comes from Sanskrit language that means five fundamental points, panca means five and sila […]

10 Indonesian Core Values – Attitudes

Core value is the fundamental belief for a state, organization, even group. It is a guiding principle to achieve the goals of the organization itself. Core value is also a parameter whether the organization has already walked in the right path or not.  Without core values, an organization could not dictate between right and wrong. […]