10 Indonesian Core Values – Attitudes

Core value is the fundamental belief for a state, organization, even group. It is a guiding principle to achieve the goals of the organization itself. Core value is also a parameter whether the organization has already walked in the right path or not.  Without core values, an organization could not dictate between right and wrong.

Indonesia as the archipelago state with various culture and diversity, it has many core values to achieve its goal. The core value of Indonesia is literally listed on its national principles called Pancasila. There are ten core values of Indonesia that is generated from Pancasila.

A. Belief  Values

There are many beliefs in Indonesia. These many beliefs should not split the nation of Indonesia. That is why in Pancasila states: “Ketuhanan yang Maha Esa”. It means all Indonesians could embrace a legal region without any coercion.

  1. Divine Value

Indonesia declares as the country which believes to God, although there are many beliefs in Indonesia. It means all the beliefs in Indonesia should believe to the existence of God. Each person in Indonesia has the right to choose their belief and worship without any coercion. Indonesia also gives the facilitation for each belief including the place of worship. There are 6 admitted beliefs in Indonesia: Islam, Christian Protestant, Catholic, Hindu, Buddha, and Kong Hu Cu.

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  1. The value of tolerance toward the different beliefs

It has been stated that there are 6 different beliefs in Indonesia. Those different beliefs would create a tolerance value among Indonesians. It is not an issue that Indonesia has the great tolerance for any diversity. They could live together side by side peacefully with their different beliefs. If you visit Indonesia, you could see the mosque built near the church or even the temple. Indonesians will be really okay for it. They still could do their worship comfortably.

B. Humanity

In the second principle of Pancasila says that Indonesians has the good sense of humanity. It is as the reflection that Indonesia never hurt each other although they grow in a lot of diversities.

  1. The Humanity Values

 Humanity is the sympathetic feeling towards other. Humanity values teach us how to love each other without differing any status, race, or beliefs. Each people in Indonesia should have recognition to honor each other. As the social creature, they should treat others kindly and never hurt others. By experiencing the humanity values, Indonesians could create the good social sensitivity.

  1. The values of Human Rights

Indonesia is a country that upholding the human right. Human right is made for all Indonesians without any exception. The values of human right should not create any selfish or superior character. We could also learn to honor others from this value. There are a lot of kinds of human rights in Indonesia. The familiar human right in Indonesia is the right to give opinion in public, the right of the law equality, and the right to vote in a leader election.

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C. The unity of Indonesia

Indonesia could declare the independence in 1945 because of Indonesians unity. The people of Indonesia united their strength and ideas, so they could stay alive independently. In Indonesia, there is a famous terminology “Bhineka Tunggal Ika”. It means that Indonesia could be the unite nation although it has a lot of diversities. That is why the values of unity should not be lost from Indonesia.

  1. The value of Unity

Unity is the main weapon for Indonesia to stay alive. When the people of Indonesian could not be united, war might happen everywhere. The implementation of the unity values in the daily activity for example, honoring every difference in neighbor environment and being proud to be an Indonesian.

  1. The value of Nationalism

 Nationalism is the strong feeling toward the country or state where he or she was born. The implementation of nationalism has already been applied since you were a kid. The example is at school, you would do a flag ceremony to build your nationalism. The nationalism value would create the generation who loves their country and make the country as the priority.

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D. Democracy

Indonesia is the democratic state. All the considerations and decisions of the country belong to the citizens of Indonesia. There are some values that are generated from the fourth principle of Pancasila.

  1. Values of Democracy

Democracy is made to create the equal right of taking a decision in a country. All of Indonesians people without any exception could be involved in making any decisions in the country. They could also give some opinions toward some policy. Their opinion would be distributed by the Indonesian house of representative called DPR. This value of democracy could create the critical citizens in Indonesia.

  1. The value of ‘gotong royong’ (mutual cooperation)

Gotong royong in Indonesia means helping each other. Indonesians are typically like to live in a group or collective. They would kindly help somebody else. Making decisions together is a habit in Indonesians. That is why when they have a trouble to others they would like to discuss it first without using any violence.  The diplomatic way is the best consideration to get a solution of the problem.

E. The Justice

Indonesia is a country with the various beliefs, originates, race, and tribes. Those diversities should not make the people judge each other. That is why there are some justice values in Indonesia

  1. Justice value

Justice values are implemented to get the same perception of law. Each people in Indonesia should get the same treatment for everything. A people should not judge other tribe, beliefs, or race with a bad sentence. The implementations of justice value, for example: honoring others without recognizing where they come from, what their beliefs, and so on.

  1. The Value of Equality

Equality means not getting any special treatment because of the race, skin color, belief, or status. Nobody is superior toward law in Indonesia. That is why the value of equality must be implemented in Indonesia. The example of the implementations is treating other equally. The value of equality could create the great nation of Indonesia.

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Those are the ten core values in Indonesia. If you are Indonesians and you haven’t implied the core values of Indonesia, you should reopen your civics book. To know more about Indonesia, feel free to visit Social Life in Indonesia.