13 Bali-Halal Restaurants You Must Try Whenever You Come to Bali

When you visit or travel to Bali, you don’t need to be confused about choosing salt halal restaurants. There are now many restaurants offering halal logos, especially Muslims who want to get delicious Balinese food menus. You need to know, not all restaurants in Bali have a non-halal food menu, so you also need to […]

12 Unique Café in Jakarta with Wonderful Design

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. It means, it is the center of economic activity for most Indonesian people. More than 30% Indonesians live in Jakarta. Can you imagine how crowded is it? That is why it becomes the most city with the big reluctant of traffic jam. However, Jakarta is the heaven of […]

Beautiful But Most Expensive Japanese Restaurants in Jakarta

Hanging out in the weekend is a really fun thing to do. Beside doing some fun activities outside, many people would consider to visit a restaurant for either exploring foods in there only or having some friends to make the evening better. In Indonesia, there are many kinds of restaurants. They usually based on the […]