Beautiful But Most Expensive Japanese Restaurants in Jakarta

Hanging out in the weekend is a really fun thing to do. Beside doing some fun activities outside, many people would consider to visit a restaurant for either exploring foods in there only or having some friends to make the evening better. In Indonesia, there are many kinds of restaurants. They usually based on the food they sold.

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For example, beside the Italian, European or American restaurant, in here you can also find varieties of Japanese restaurant. Each one has their own speciality in place and environment. Some even selling unique foods that can not be found in other restaurants. But, those uniqueness sometimes require a little bit price to get. But no worry, we’ll help you with a list of the most expensive Japanese restaurants in Jakarta. With the price, there will be a quality.

1. Kaihomaru

The first best Japanese restaurant in Jakarta city is Kaihomaru. If you happen to be in an area called Melawai, be sure to spare your time to visit this special Japanese restaurant, and you’ll be rewarded with the best cuisine and environment. This restaurant uses many elements of Japan that implemented on the inside. It feels like you actually visiting Japan.

In here, there are so many Japanese. But don’t feel nervous about it, sometimes they can speak Indonesian too. Including the cooks, customers that usually coming in here are Japanese that happen to work in this country. The foods also coming in sets. And for notice, the Japanese food sets are way larger. Be sure to empty your stomach first. The price if Rp400.000,- for one set.

2. Goemon

After walking around Melawai, there’s one other Japanese restaurant, the good one that located in a very famous area of Jakarta, Sudirman. In Sudirman, there are bunch of choices of Japanese restaurants. But the best one could be this Goemon Japanese restaurant. Even though the decorations are pretty usual, but there’s something special about this restaurant.

In here, after ordering the Japanese foods or cuisine which look and taste so good, you’ll be treated with the free dessert, which consists of foods. Don’t worry about the price of dessert, because it’s totally free for customer. With the high quality service, visiting Goemon in the free times is not a bad idea at all.

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3. Akane Crown Plaza

For the luxury looked Japanese restaurant, Akane Crown Plaza can be a great recommendation. In Gatot Subroto street of Jakarta, you can find this restaurant. This one is considered as a family restaurant. So many seats and tables can be found in here, and they are filled pretty fast with the customers who always coming in.

Very authentic and cozy. Even though it’s a Japanese restaurant, but the decorations and interior in there rather using the classical theme, with the chocolate wood seatings and tables. In here you can choose three different side dish and also one rice dish. Be sure to pick the right one that suitable with your kind of taste.

4. Kushiyaki Umenadori

Upon entering the place, you can see it clearly enough that this Kushiyaki Umenadori is very authentic Japanese restaurant. There’s a display in front of the restaurant, showing the Japanese dolls and food replicas. You can notice it easily when strolling around in one famous and busiest place in Jakarta, Senayan.

You can choose somany kinds of Japanese foods, like Ramen, Bento, or even the special dish that becomes special menu in the restaurant, Kushiyaki. For you who don’t know, Kushiyaki is Japanese meat satay. One set has about five to ten of it. If you order Kushiyaki, you’ll also get free side dish and salad.

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5. Akira Back

The other classical themed Japanese restaurant is Akira Back. The interior that used in here is classic aspects that combined with modern. So, you’ll have the experience of enjoying Japanese meals in such an exclusive spot. You can coming in Akira Back that located in the building of MD Place Setiabudi in Jakarta. Beside the modern interior, you can also see the Jakarta city clearly from the window.

Usually, people will come to this Akira Back restaurant with their own partner. And usually the best time to visit is by the night time, because the view of Jakarta city during the night is one of a kind. With a fairly expensive price, you get those many things that this restaurant has to offer, including the best sets of japanese foods.

6. Kayhyangan Shabu-shabu

With the motto of serving cuisines seriously with delicacy, no one shouldn’t miss this special Japanese restaurant called Kahyangan Shabu-shabu. The name Kahyangan means heaven in English. What’s the reason behind that naming? It’s because of when eating inside Kahyangan Shabu-shabu, you can see the view of Jakarta city from way above the ground, almost reaching heaven.

Not only the view that is being a number one aspect in this restaurant, service and foods are other important things that this restaurant will serve seriously. You can taste a Shabu-shabu with the high quality meat and very delicious Ponzu sauce. One outstanding experience of enjoying a very well made cuisines in such a wonderful place is one certain thing you’ll get.

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7. OKU

There are many professional cooks in Indonesia. Aside from the local ones, there are some notable cooks who coming from other countries, like Kazumasa Yazawa for example. Kazumasa is like having a golden hand that can make OKU shining and becoming very favorable place in one of the venue inside Hotel Indonesia Kempinski. Having a concept of modernicity, the restaurant is suitable for any moment.

Even though the place is a little bit expensive for many people, the budget used  and convert to bring an ultimate enjoyment for customers. The environment around made better by the additional stuff like tables and seatings that made out of natural wood. Also, the ingredients for making Japanese cuisines are mainly imported from Tsukiji market, so they are very fresh indeed.

8. Fukuro Dining & Sake Bar

For you who don’t know, Sake is like one of the unique drinks in this world. Often called as Japanese whiskey. In Jakarta, there’s one place to enjoy it. Inside Fukuro Dining and Sake Bar, you can have a very good Sake for yourself in such a unique place. Theme that used for the restaurant is the combination between Japanese and modern. Thus, a restaurant with plenty arts built.

The waiters are so nice, and the menu here is awesome. Many people come to this Fukuro Dining and Restaurant in order to enjoying Japanese meals in such a different place. Eating in this unique place is one of a kind experience for anyone. So, be sure not to miss Fukuro Dining and Sake Bar in your weekend list!

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9. Asuka

In Jakarta, there’s one fancy hotel called JW Marrior. It’s so fancy til many locals are afraid to come in because of how expensive it is. But, that’s not the main point in here. There’s one venue inside it, a place called Asuka, one of the best yet included as the most expensive Japanese restaurants in Jakarta.

Interior in here is mainly used the natural aspects of wood. They decorate the place neatly,and making it more comfy. In the middle of the place, there’s a big counter that filled with sushi, many of them, that look so tasty and maybe you want to grab them as fast as you can. The waiters will also tell the best space for you warmly. Everything is good in Asuka.

10. Sushi Hiro

Widely known through social media, Sushi Hiro succesfully making its name more popular. Many people leave a very good review after visiting this venue. Some say, it’s even the best experience of visiting Japanese restaurants based on their truthful opinion. If you want to see how beautiful the place it, you can come to Garden House Pantai Indah Kapus to see it for yourself.

Like most Japanese restaurants in Indonesia, Jakarta especially, Sushi Hero use the natural interior like wood based tables in order to make the place looks more calm and cozy. The best cuisine in here is of course the sushi, which served in stair-like platform. This form of serving is actually why the place is famous in the first place. Other than that, the taste of sushi is also can not be defeated easily.

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In Jakarta alone, the number of Japanese restaurants is like infinite. So, ten most expensive Japanese restaurants in Jakarta above can not represent the whole thing enough. We gather some information and collect more of them that we put on the small list below. Maybe you can use them as choices:

  1. Nomi Nomi Delight
  2. Bariuma Ramen
  3. Kintan Restaurant
  4. Tontoki
  5. Izakaya Issei

That’s the whole thing about the most expensive Japanese restaurants in Jakarta. Remember, the word expensive here is variative. So don’t you scare in the first place by hearing the word “expensive”, maybe the price is cheap enough for yourself.

But, most of the time, the expensive places especially restaurants wil convert that expensive price into the best service you’ll get. You can enjoy so many things in a fancy restaurant, and there will be a new experience everytime you visit it. That’s why, those restaurants that already mentioned above are actually the best Japanese restaurants in Jakarta. It’s better not to miss them.

Little Peak of OKU Restaurant