4 Reasons Why Yogyakarta Called “Kota Pelajar”

Education is one of the important aspect in life, loads of people sacrifice a lot of things to have a proper education or for their child to have the best education.  Students in Indonesia every year fight to have a seat in the state university or in a private university. There are many university around […]

30 Importance of English for Students in Indonesia

English is becoming more important in this age. People all over the world are striving to learn the language as it is able to give more opportunities in life. The English language is also important to Indonesian students. School expects the students to speak language fluently and most of them are eager to learn it. […]

School Life in Indonesia – Characteristics – Habits

Attending primary school until high school is a must for most children all over the world. Children attend school to gain knowledge and education that they need throughout their lives. They learn about the world around them as well as increasing their skills that could help them advance to higher level of education. Each country […]