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30 Importance of English for Students in Indonesia

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English is becoming more important in this age. People all over the world are striving to learn the language as it is able to give more opportunities in life. The English language is also important to Indonesian students. School expects the students to speak language fluently and most of them are eager to learn it. Below are the reasons for the importance of English for students in Indonesia that you can read. Read more about The Importance of Learning English in Indonesia


1. Get International Scholarship

Students with a great English skill have a higher chance at earning an international scholarship. In Indonesia, international scholarships require the students to surpass a certain level of English. There are special exams and interviews that students have to do. So students must study the language if they want the scholarship.

2. Understand Foreign Textbooks

Indonesian students may need to read textbooks that are in English in case they have to study for something. Not having a full understanding of a textbook can greatly hinder a student’s performance especially if a translation is not available. However, when a student learns English and able to have a little understanding of the language then reading the textbooks won’t be too hard. Read more about How to Study in Indonesia

3. Student Exchange

Students may have a chance in having a student exchange program in their school. This is a great opportunity for a student to study and learn other culture while they study outside of Indonesia. English language can become useful when they want to talk to foreign people.

4. National Exam

Indonesian students need to study English for their exam. English is one of the school subjects that students have to pass in the national examination. The grade they receive for this language is very crucial for their future. You may want to read about History of National Exam in Indonesia.

5. Make New Friends

Students can also make new friends by being able to speak English. Speaking English can enlarge a student’s friends circle. They are able to reach more people and communicate with other people from different countries. Making new friends is also a learning process as students are sharpening their communication skill. Read more about How to Make Friends in Jakarta.

6. Staying Alert on Current Issues

As of now, there are news reporting issues around the world. In case a student comes across a news in English, they will not be confused. The student already knows English so it becomes easier to understand what the main issue in the news is.

7. Globalization

Globalisation is an important aspect in connecting every country in this world. When an Indonesian student can use the English language, they become a crucial part of globalisation. The student can help Indonesia become a part of globalisation by connecting with other people abroad.

8. Translation

Students will find it easier to translate from English to Indonesians or vice versa when they know both language very well. Translating can help in numerous things. For example, it may help in writing a great school essay.

9. Pick University Major

English can help student in picking a university major that they like. Most university majors also require student to have a basic English skill. However, the language may also become a factor in determining what a student would like to learn in university. One may end up liking English and take a major that relates to the language.

10. Help Get Jobs

English can help students get a part time jobs or a future full time job. Some work places require their employees to have a good English skill. If the student already learned the language then they might have a chance in finding a job. Also check out the Indonesian Work Culture.

11. Increase Confidence

Speaking English can actually increase a student’s confidence. This confidence can also become higher especially when the student is fluent. Confidence is key in boosting school performance. The student becomes more eager to study in school when they feel good about themselves.

12. Freedom in Self Expression

When a student can speak English then they will have more freedom in self expression. They may find certain words or expressions that are not available in Bahasa Indonesia. So as a result, they can use English instead. This allows the student to feel more liberate with expressing who they are. You may want to read about Indonesian Language

13. Increase Knowledge

English can definitely increase knowledge. Many useful information are only available in the language as the language acts as a connector for everyone. When a student is fluent in English, they are more exposed to worldwide knowledge.

14. Ease in Using Internet

The internet is one of the main things that people highly use in this modern age. Students use the internet for many things especially the teenagers. But when a student can use English, using the internet becomes easy and fun. The reason for that is because there are a lot of good contents out there on the internet that use English. Read more about  Teenagers Lifestyle in Indonesia as well as Internet Rules in Indonesia

15. Academic Research

Another important thing about English for students is its use in academic research. This mostly applies to university students as they have to conduct many research. They will need a good English skill to write excellent academic paper and read many English sources to help them out.

Other Importance (16-30)

Here are more importance of English for students who live in Indonesia:

  • Technology Development: Become involved in foreign development.
  • Understand Movies: Won’t need subtitles.
  • Understand Social Issues: Issues in the world such as racism, prejudice and sexism.
  • Increase Self Value: People will see the student as more valuable.
  • Improve Vocabulary: Student can speak more fluently.
  • Enhance Hobby: Student may like writing or reading in English.
  • Learn to Correct Grammar: It helps in communication.
  • Have An Open Mind: More knowledge and exposure to other culture.
  • Being Bilingual: A helpful quality.
  • Help Those Who Don’t Understand: Become a translator.
  • Creates Innovation: English enable student reach a higher goal.
  • Improve Country: Student help in improving the country’s quality.
  • Communicating with Ease: Able to communicate with confidence. See more about Communication Etiquette in Indonesia.
  • Learn Spelling Properly: Write in English easily.
  • Better Generation: Bring a good improvement in the next generation.

Whether the students like the language or not, they still have to learn it. English provides them with a new series of skills that will become impact in their lives. One day, the students will be glad that they took the time to learn English.

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