6 Things Only You Can Find in Lombok

Many Indonesian people mistaken that Lombok was taken from the Javanese languange that means chili. Lombok comes from the Sasak languange which is “Lomboq”, this means straight. History said that Lomboq is given to remember the long journey of the ancestor of Lombok when they find the island. As time flies Lomboq turns into Lombok […]

Tourist Attractions You Must See In West Bali

From deluxe places of staying, abounding water activities, local restaurants, to peculiar sightseeings, West Bali has it all. Going to Bali in the western part offers these amazing places you don’t have to share it with throngs of other tourists. Here are some must-see places in West Bali. From deluxe places of staying, abounding water […]

12 Examples of Culture Shock in Indonesia You would Experience

When you visit a country that is typically different with the country where you get used to live, you might experience some bad situations. It is called cultural shock. Although Indonesia is a multicultural country, in fact it is not that easy to adapt. Some of foreign people even reveal Indonesia is a great country […]

10 Tourists Scam in Jakarta You Must Avoid

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia located in the west part of Java. If you visit Jakarta, you will find the hustle and bustle of the city with hundreds of skyscrapers. Don’t be surprised if you feel like a great heat there. This is because Jakarta is the city with the highest population density in […]