6 Things Only You Can Find in Lombok

Many Indonesian people mistaken that Lombok was taken from the Javanese languange that means chili. Lombok comes from the Sasak languange which is “Lomboq”, this means straight. History said that Lomboq is given to remember the long journey of the ancestor of Lombok when they find the island. As time flies Lomboq turns into Lombok that is populer right now.  The amount of tourist visiting Lombok is increasing every year, since there are a lot of tourist attraction that will spoil the visitors. Now let see the 6 things only you can find in Lombok.

1. Sasaknese Culture

Sasak Tribe is known as the native of Lombok Island, it is known that they are the mainland residents for hundred of years. During your visit to Lombok you can learn and enjoy about this origin tribe. Sasaknese massage from Lombok is one of the things that you can enjoy, in Indonesia you can get a lot of different massages. This traditional massage is based on pressure points, it is more stronger and maybe a bit painful than any other massage found in Indonesia. There is also a village where  you can learn about the Sasak culture. The village is called Beleq village, it is a traditional village that is maintained to attract the tourist and it is filled with interesting history. There are around 76 families currently living in this village and they are untouched by technology since electricity is banned.

2. Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani is the second highest volcano in Indonesia, it is still an active volcano. The height is around 3762 MDPL, this volcano it known throughout tourists and mountain climbers since it has a lot of beautiful hiking spot. The scenery of almost the whole Lombok Island can be seen from this mountain top. The three-day two-night trek to climb Moun Rinjani is popular to be chosen by people visiting this mountain. Even tough it is a tough hike and the Rinjani Trekking Tour is expensive but it is all worth it, in the end you can watch sunrise from the peak also see as far away as Mount Agung on Bali. There are a few places of interest in Rinjani which are Senaru Traditional Village, Senaru Panorama Walk and Senaru Waterfalls.

3. Old Suspension Bridge

This old suspension bridge is located in Gerung region, it is built in 1932. The solid iron that is used to built this bridge was from Australia, it also had crucial role in connecting remote areas before roads came into existence. The experts who built it was brought in from Java and the bridge has been broken twice after being hit by a stream.  This bridge is a hanging bridge that has a height of 100 m. These days the bridge is only used for bikes to pass by and young people hanging out.

We are halfway through the 6 things only you can find in Lombok, let’s keep moving!

4. Waterfall

Lombok has majestic and wonderful waterfalls in store that you can only find in this Island. Penimbungan Waterfall is the first one you need to see if you are coming to Lombok, it can be seen from the Torean entrance. After a two-hour trek from the Torean entrance, you will reach the 75-meter high waterfall viewpoint. The next one is a water curtain, which is the Benang Kelambu waterfall. There is 6 waterfalls through the trees, it is located at the foot of Mount Rinjani. After a 500 metres mountainous walk to reach it, you can get up close and personal by going behind the water. Tiu Kelep Waterfall is one of the popular waterfall to visit. Lots of visitor said that this waterfall is one of the most beautiful in South East Asia, it has a lush tropical jungle surrounding the falls.

5. Beaches

Beaches maybe a common thing to be found anywhere around the world, but Lombok beaches are the only one that you can find, in Lombok of course. Setangi beach is the first one, it appears that this beach is untouched you will rarely find another person walking around. The coastline of this beach comprises of fields of coconut palms leading up to soft sand. The next one is Semeti beach which is known to have egypt pyramids in the sea, people may say that it is Planet Krypton. There are rocks shaped like pyramids which stands in the middle of the ocean. Another one is the Pink Beach, this beach seems like straight out of a fantasy movie. The sand is a result of the tiny red organism that grows on the dead coral reefs.

6. View

There are a lot of wonderful view that can be seen through Lombok, from hiking the Mount Rinjani to visiting the beaches. For this last thing, we are going to see places that will give you exceptional views of Lombok. The cliff’s edge at Lingkoq Datu will give you a view which makes you forget everything. It overlooks the seemingly endless seaside, standing there can make you feel the ocean breeze is wrapping you up. The next view is from Taman Wisata Pusuk Sembalun, it is at 1250 metres above sea level. The unparalleled view of the mountain can be enjoyed without wasting too much energy, the beautiful views of the forest, hills and rice paddies will make up your way there.

Overall, to see the 6 things only you can find in Lombok may need a good plan since the places are mostly hidden and may need time and energy to be reached. These things can be only found in Lombok since the views of the nature are only available there and not in other parts of the world even in Indonesia. Maybe you can find similar views but not as the same as in Lombok.