10 Tourists Scam in Jakarta You Must Avoid

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia located in the west part of Java. If you visit Jakarta, you will find the hustle and bustle of the city with hundreds of skyscrapers. Don’t be surprised if you feel like a great heat there. This is because Jakarta is the city with the highest population density in Indonesia. However, don’t worry since you could try Street Food in Jakarta with Authentic Taste. Even though you will rarely find a natural tourism, you could still also visit some of the famous tourist attractions or see the Culture of Jakarta.

Be careful if you travel alone in Jakarta. Jakarta is a bustling city.  You might find the inconvenience during the vacation. Make sure to take good care of yourself. As well noticing. Scams to Avoid in Bali, notice the 10 Tourists Scam in Jakarta below.

  1. Getting around by Taxi Drivers

When you get out of the airport, some taxi drivers will probably come straight for you. They will immediately ask where your destination. They would even offer services to take you to the destination. Don’t be tempted directly with them. Be sure to choose an official taxi in Jakarta. And ask the taxi driver to turn on his taximeter.

Don’t forget to monitor the route by Google maps. If not, you may only be cheated by going around in Jakarta. In some cases, the taxi driver will usually take a longer route to reach your destination, although there is a closer path to get there. Ask the taxi driver to pass the nearest route. Don’t hesitate to tell him if you are tired and want to get the hotel soon.

  1. Local Transportation Scam

In addition to taxi, local transportation in a destination of Jakarta can also fool you. Usually, they will take you to a place you do not want to go to, like a gift shop. Besides, they will also raise the tariffs into a higher price. Before boarding local transport, you should ask the local community or local security officer first. You can ask how much the price usually ride by the vehicle and which routes are usually passed.

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  1. The Fake Donations

 When you are traveling in Jakarta, you may find someone carrying a map containing proposals for building a place of worship. Then they will ask for donations. Do not immediately agree to donate in large amounts.

Ask as detailed as possible where the location of worship place is. When they couldn’t answer the detail place, it is definitely a fake donation. It would better just give IDR 2000-5000 only. They may simply pretend to ask for donations to build a public place, whereas they use it for personal gain.

  1. Pickpocket

Pickpocket is the most prevalent case in Jakarta. Usually pickpocket occurs in crowded places such as: on buses, commuterline, or crowded centers in Jakarta. Be careful not to put your things randomly. Be sure to put your mobile phone or wallet in the front-carrying bag. Never place your phone or wallet in your pocket. Some pickpockets are high-skilled at picking up your things. They can quickly do it without you realize it. Therefore, you should be careful while in a crowded place in Jakarta.

  1. Fictive Beggar

You may find many beggars in Jakarta. You can find them by the side of the road, on pedestrian bridge, or even in the front of a large mall. Some of them seem to have imperfect physical such as blind or lame. Do not pity them too much by giving them a lot of money. Some of them may just pretend to be flawed so you can pity them. If not, they have been already rich enough from the begging income. That is why the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta forbids residents to give beggars in the city centers of Jakarta.

  1. Money scam

As well Beware of money scam in Jakarta. Especially when you exchange money in a money changer. Some of money changer will outsmart the victim by giving notes of 10.000 Rupiahs. Imagine if you get IDR 1.000.000 Rupiah with 10000 notes of Rupiah. It would be hard to calculate it, isn’t it?

This is the part of money scammer works. They will reduce the amount of money because you may be lazy to calculate it. Therefore, avoid exchanging money in unofficial places and choose the authorized money changer.

  1. Ticket Brokers

 When going by train or bus in Jakarta, be careful with the ticket brokers. Make sure to buy the tickets at the official outlet to get a decent price. Don’t be tempted by the offer of brokers. Typically, ticket brokers will offer you a ticket once you arrive at the terminal or railway station. Refuse their offer subtly by saying that you have already booked ticket.

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  1. Fake tourist guide

Be careful with someone who offers tour guide services in Jakarta. Some of them just pretend to be a tour guide when tour guide is not so necessary in Jakarta.

In these following places, there are many fake tour guides: National Monument, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, and Kota Tua. First of all, they will mention that this tour guide is part of the free service from the tourist attractions. However, they will end up asking for donations to you.

  1. The scam in Restaurant

 Some restaurants in Jakarta impose an unreasonable price. Be careful when eating at a tourist spot in Jakarta. They will outsmart the buyer by giving the dish by the wrong way. Some of them will also increase the price of many times more than the normal price. Make sure to choose a good place to eat at the normal price. Avoid buy the foods at tourist spot to minimize the tourist scam.

  1. Fake discount

 Jakarta is the city with many malls in Indonesia. You may be interested to buy the souvenirs at mall of Jakarta. However, be careful with the discount offer listed in the outlet malls. Typically, the seller seems giving a big discount. In fact, they raise the price twice as much as before discounting. Be a smart buyer. Don’t let yourself be fooled by fake discounts.

Scams in Jakarta is one of Things to Avoid in Jakarta. All those scams could be minimized by taking good care of yourself. Don’t forget to be careful everywhere when you traveling in Jakarta.