13 Best Place in Bali for Solo Traveler

Bali or the “island of the Gods”, serves a paradise for everyone. People can enjoy many activities in the island. Not only that, this place provides family activities in Bali Indonesia. Bali also famous as a wedding venue in Bali and very suitable for couples and honeymoon destinations. Moreover, the tropical haven is a great travel […]

The Complete 40 Tips for Tourists in Indonesia

Welcome again to the Facts of Indonesia, where you can get much information about the wonderful places in this beloved country. We told you about so many kinds of attraction that you can find in the country, from the natural to the developed ones. Yet, we still don’t have enough time to explore all the […]

14 Best places in Bali for Tourists Spending New Years Eve Together

Celebrating the New Year in Bali among the famous Bali beaches clubs, nightclubs, bars, and rooftops. These places allow you to make your way into the new year in different ways. You can party hard until countdown begins, or even stay up late at most beach clubs. It is another reason going to Bali for […]

35 Rules for Tourists in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of country in South East Asia that have so many destinations for holiday beside others country such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippine, Myanmar and etc. The variation destination makes many people from other country interesting to visit Indonesia. the tourists can choose many tourism places. However, you as the tourists also have […]