Top 35 Fascinating Indonesian Behavior – Common Habits

Every people have different behavior that represent how their attitude when to do something in a certain area, especially Indonesia people with different characters and attitude. In the modern era, the behavior of people is very different with the past time. How they life with others, to end a problem, their attitude after getting something […]

Religious Diversity in Indonesia – Pluralism

Indonesia is the multicultural country with variant religions, ethnics, and believable, those are the special things that can find by tourists when come in Indonesia. if you’re a newcomer, you will recognize there are a lot diversity from one island with other island. in this case, Indonesia still being country with peaceful and there is […]

20 Common Rules for Marriage in Indonesia

Almost 99% Indonesian people will get married in the age of 19 until 20 years old, many Indonesian people decided to marriage although they are still young and have opportunity to get more benefit career. There some factors that make some younger want to marriage, like they already have relationship for many years, their parents […]

Rice Cultivation in Indonesia – Process

The country in East Asia, majority produce and using rice for the daily food and it was already begun since old time, those country are Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and etc. Especially in Indonesia, people consume a lot of rice everyday until the rice commodity cannot balance with rice total that consumed by Indonesian people. In […]

5 Common Types of Unemployment in Indonesia

In Indonesia, everyday many people working in different place, it can be office for manager or administration, field for farmer, market for seller, teller for bank and etc. The purpose why they are working is also different. There are people that working for get much money for their family, and the other is for make […]

30 Things to Avoid in Indonesia You Must Know

Every country in the world have different habitual like when you go to Indonesia, and you come from others country such as French, Italy, England, USA, Australia and etc. You’ll find many differences. It can be part of habit, rules, religion and regulation. There is something that you have from your hometown, and then you […]

30 Indonesian Cultural Values – Characteristics

Indonesia is the country that consists of many islands such as big island Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Papua, Bali, NTT, Madura, and others small island  because every island has different ethnics, and then the ethnics have different cultural values. Indonesia, being country with so many cultural value. It depends on the ethnics, island and the place. […]

35 Rules for Tourists in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of country in South East Asia that have so many destinations for holiday beside others country such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippine, Myanmar and etc. The variation destination makes many people from other country interesting to visit Indonesia. the tourists can choose many tourism places. However, you as the tourists also have […]

10 Ways How To Avoid Scams In Bali Must Know

Every people knows about Bali as the paradise island as they says that Bali consists of so many tourism such as beach, special culture, food and the ethnics traditions, that’s true if there is statement say Indonesia has many tourism places separated in all island. But, Bali has interesting culture that make people around the […]

25 Business Ethics In Indonesia

What is business ethics? many people running the business activity in every aspect, all of them needs to know the business ethics because this is important to make the business develop and benefit for their self. Business ethics is the way or the method to running business. That is covered all aspects related with individual, […]