12 Economic Benefits of Transmigration in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country with the most populous population after China, India, Uni Sofiet, and the United States. Of the total population of Indonesia, 60% live on the island of Java and Madura which is only 7% of the total area of Indonesia. Therefore, the governments start to make some efforts to solve the problem. […]

12 Causes of Transmigration in Indonesia

Transmigration is the movement of people from one island to another. It is usually happen in a condition where of a densely populated island to a sparsely populated island. Indonesia consists of thousands of islands where the population is uneven. The gap between a very populated island and the island that has not been inhabited […]

13 Effects of Transmigration in Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest archipelago country in the world. It is also has a very large population (the 4th country with the large population). Nevertheless, the population dispersal Indonesia is still centered on the island of Java and Sumatra or Western Indonesia. Therefore, Indonesia has passed the transmigration process with the aim of spreading or […]