10 Annual Indonesia Festivals You Should Not Miss

Indonesia is a big country with thousand cultures from many tribes and communities. Those communities usually holds certain ceremony to celebrate, commemorate, or honour something or someone important that contributes to the community in the past. Just look at some traditional ceremonies that’s held in Indonesia, they have holistic purpose that could be very important […]

15 Unusual Traditions in Indonesia (#2 is Extreme)

You must have known that Indonesia is an archipelagic country that has many ethnic, tribal, and faiths. Therefore it is not a new thing to know that Indonesia has very unique Indonesian Traditional Lifestyle varying in each region from Sabang until Merauke. These traditions are still preserved today, so you can still see how these traditions […]

Top 13 Famous Festivals in Indonesia

Become a diverse country of origins and religions make Indonesia has good cultural events, ceremonies, and festivals. The population in Indonesia is more than 23 million people and that’s also become reason why Indonesia have lot and lot festivals. The festivals also variated in Indonesia, some of them are affected by many religions, start from […]