Agriculture of Indonesia – Food Production – Development

Who doesn’t know about Indonesia? And their habitat to eat some rice? Or which country also populated but not much like India and China? Yup you right, Indonesia is the exactly answer for those question. Like we know, Indonesia is one country with million culture and that’s why this country become really unique one also […]

New Year Celebration In Indonesia – Best Places to Celebrate

In many parts of the world or in many countries, the new year celebration is regarded as festive celebration and its also happened in Indonesia. However, Indonesia is unique country made up by so many people from different ethnicity in belief, such as: in rural tradition which so much traditional or urban tradition and usually […]

Rice Production in Indonesia – History – Irrigation

Indonesia. Who doesn’t know about this country? This country is blessed with so many cultures, values, religious beliefs, religion, and so on. Indonesia is known by people not only by the scenery but also from their unique habit, which we talk about here. Why this become unique one and why this habit make Indonesia more […]

Indonesia Mother’s Day – History – Activities

Who doesn’t know about Mother’s day? Yea Mother’s day is annually event and every country has their own way to celebrate it. The way they celebrate it is also affected by their culture, geographical condition, values and moral, and so on. So for now, we gonna talk about Mother’s day in Indonesia, which we know […]

Top 40+ Famous Food of Indonesia with Rich Taste Must Try

Like we know, Indonesia is famous because its own scenery, and almost all of it because the scenery. However do you know if Indonesia is rich more than that? So you right, Indonesia is famous also because the the culture. Five religions and thousands ethnicity which make this country is so unique than another one. […]

Top 13 Famous Festivals in Indonesia

Become a diverse country of origins and religions make Indonesia has good cultural events, ceremonies, and festivals. The population in Indonesia is more than 23 million people and that’s also become reason why Indonesia have lot and lot festivals. The festivals also variated in Indonesia, some of them are affected by many religions, start from […]

Best 14 Unique Handicrafts of Indonesia (#6 is Epic)

Like we know, Indonesia is one big country with so many unique and different culture for every islands. Some of them are dominated by Islam, some by Hindu, others by Christian, and so on. Beside they have unique culture, its also make them have lot handicrafts which attracted some tourists and make them become more […]

14 Ceremony in Bali (#2 is So Unique)

Bali. Bali is one island in Indonesia which so much cultures and we can find it in another places. We cant deny it if Bali has great influence from Hindunese which originally come from outside of country. However after all, Hinduism in Bali is very different from original one because its also has some influence […]

Coffee in Indonesia – History – Types – How to Brew

Coffee. Who doesnt know about coffee? Its a profitable business because the real customers will consume that a lot. So, how about coffee from Indonesia? Is it a good one like coffee from another country? For now, we’re not gonna talk only about how good Indonesia coffee is, but also the history – type of […]

Top 5 Sumatran Rhinoceros Facts – Characteristics

Sumatran rhinoceros is one of five rhinoceros who has it own uniqueness. Sumatran rhinoceros is the smallest of five rhinoceros species with their body length is less than 250 cm. Rhinoceros but small one? How can? Theres also another interesting facts about Sumatran rhinoceros you should know! So, what are they? Read also:  Endangered Animals […]