The Chronological History of the Dutch in Bali

Bali was recorded to become one of the colonialized islands during the Dutch rule in Indonesia. The colonial system of the Dutch in Indonesia was so cruel and greedy. Although Bali is a small island with a narrow area, but the island has several kingdoms such as the Kingdom of Buleleng and Karangasem so that […]

The Dark History of Violence in Indonesia

Indonesia is popular as a multicultural country, friendly people, and peaceful country. However, it doesn’t mean Indonesia has never had an intern conflict before. Indonesia grows toughly through some stages and phases that might all people in the world know. Some violence and conflicts in Indonesia had been occured since hundreds years ago. Conflicts, violence, […]

Surabaya War 10 November 1945 (Battle of Surabaya)

Surabaya War, commonly known as The battle of Surabaya, occurred on 10 November 1945 in Surabaya. It is considered as one of the historical moments in the history of Indonesia. This battle is not only considered as one of the biggest battles in Indonesian history but it’s also considered as turning point for the Dutch […]