4 Reasons Why Yogyakarta Called “Kota Pelajar”

Education is one of the important aspect in life, loads of people sacrifice a lot of things to have a proper education or for their child to have the best education.  Students in Indonesia every year fight to have a seat in the state university or in a private university. There are many university around […]

15 Unique Foods Must Try in Yogyakarta during Ramadhan : The Traditional Delicacy

So, we took you to see around the city of Bandung to see the religious places that can increase your knowledge greatly in both the historial and religious side. But now we want to stay away from the city to go to another, Yogyakarta. You know, Yogyakarta city stands on its own capital. Related topics: […]

Things to Do in Yogyakarta During Ramadhan : The Definitive Guide

Ramadhan is a beautiful month. The month is not meant only for Muslims who are doing their obligation for fasting all day long, but also for other people. They can enjoy the Markets that can sell them delicious Ramadhan snacks or Takjil. And also sometimes, some places are having a pretty discount during Ramadhan. Related […]

15 Historical Temple in Yogyakarta : The Legends of Culture City

So, after talking about the beautiful, useful, and real historical places around the city of Yogyakarta, now we want to take you to this city again to find the gems of Java. Yes, the temples. The land of Yogyakarta and Central Java, in general, are filled with a lot of them. That’s matching history because […]

The List of 14 Cultural Activities Around Prambanan Temple – Mythical Building in Yogyakarta

Aside from enjoying the interesting locations around Borobudur temple in our previous articles, now we want to take you somewhere nearby. A city that most famous for its Gudeg and richness of culture. Yes, Yogyakarta city. There’s an iconic temple there called Prambanan Temple, which is the biggest Hindu temple there. Topics about Prambanan: History […]

13 Tips To Travel Around Yogyakarta With Only $200

You may want to try this out! Having vacation and save money at the same time. But then you have to know some tips and how to spend with limited funds. For example, when you visit Yogyakarta, you can spend only $ 200. Well, you just need to follow a few steps as explained in […]

13 Best Place To See Sunrise in Yogyakarta

You who love the beauty and charm of tourism in Yogyakarta certainly won’t want to miss interesting spots. In addition to extreme activities and natural scenery, in Yogyakarta, there are many regions that offer the charm of the sunrise. The place that is suitable to be used as a vacation destination will also refresh you […]

13 Best Hotels in Yogyakarta With Affordable Price (Tourist’s Favourite)

For those who have planned to visit the city of Yogyakarta, the beautiful and pleasant place. Of course, it takes a long time to search about various accommodations and looking for references to various transportation, lodging to tourist sites. Complete facilities as well as friendly rates, there are many educational venues that can be used […]

13 Interesting Facts of Little Seoul in Yogyakarta Indonesia

The city of Yogyakarta is not only fun as a place of education. However, there are many other exciting things that can be used as attractive destinations for vacation, culinary, sightseeing and so on. Well, that’s why in this city there are lots of curious visitors visiting this city. For example, in Yogyakarta, it is […]

15 Things You May Concern When You Live in Yogyakarta Indonesia

Wherever you live, whether in the village or the city, there is certainly a risk where you will feel at home or vice versa. For example, why many people choose Yogyakarta as their place to stay. There are many interesting things that people choose to settle there. The souvenirs that you must buy in Yogyakarta. Of course, […]