15 Historical Temple in Yogyakarta : The Legends of Culture City

So, after talking about the beautiful, useful, and real historical places around the city of Yogyakarta, now we want to take you to this city again to find the gems of Java. Yes, the temples. The land of Yogyakarta and Central Java, in general, are filled with a lot of them. That’s matching history because […]

Top 25 Traditional Food of Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is a city that is always praised for its culture and fine arts. However there is another aspect to Yogyakarta that should not be left out. Yogyakarta offers a wide array of culinary delicacy. There are so many traditional food that the city has created. Below are 25 Traditional Food of Yogyakarta. Read on […]

10 Norms in Yogyakarta – Principles

Yogyakarta is one of  special regions in Indonesia. Located in the south of Java, Yogyakarta which population is less than 135.915 souls, becomes one of the popular tourism objects in Indonesia. Because this region is led by a king for its government system, DIY is well known of its cultural life. The government in Yogyakarta […]