13 Best Coffee Shops in Central Jakarta

 For some people, enjoying a cup of coffee can be their daily dose that they always needed. It’s no wonder why, remembering coffee contains caffeine compound that has the ability to make the drinker stay wide awake during busy days. Beside it’s beneficial function for busy people, those coffee drinkers love to keep drinking it […]

13 Best Nightlife in Central Jakarta To Enjoy

For some people, having a wild and free night life might be some kind of a stress reliver for them. Lots of beneficial activities can be done in one night, although when we compare it to the list of negative things happen, the list goes on and on. For them, having a small talk, dancing […]

10 Active Volcanoes in Central Java Need to Be Aware

Indonesia lies along between equator line which then makes this country so rich in natural resources. This country also offers us with too many magnificent views we get from its beautiful cultures and people, forests, savannas, beaches, to mountains. Many local and international hikers like to spend their time conquering various mountains in Indonesia. If […]

10 Highest Mountain in East Java Must Know

Indonesia is an archipelago country that has approximately 13,446 islands in total. Tourists around the world know that this country has too much to offer including number of mountains to hike. According to research done by experts, Indonesia has hundreds of mountains from Sabang (the northernmost part of Indonesia) to Marauke (the southernmost part of […]

13 Natural Resources in West Java

West Java is one of Indonesia province with Bandung as its capital city. This province is one of the largest province in this country with more than 46,000,000 populations in 2011. It has high rate of population growth, too. Most people by 31% spend their time working in agriculture, forestry and fishery sector, by 22.5% […]

13 Common Birds in Indonesia – Lovely Creatures

Indonesia are famous among local and international tourist for its richness in people, cultures, and natural resources since long time ago. Having those various range of floras and faunas living in here can be one of the magnetic factors on why people are willing to go across the globe to experience and see them with […]

15 Common Fruits in Indonesia

Indonesia lies between equator line which then makes this country becoming “tropical country” that has only 2 seasons, raining season and dry season. Typical tropical country tends to have higher ability to grow many types of plants including fruits trees. Indonesian has bigger chance to taste various range of fruits which feels like heaven-on-earth for […]

15 Common Snakes in Indonesia

Snakes are a type of reptile that has no legs and is long-bodied. This snake has scales and is classified into scaly reptiles with various body colors that might catch anyone’s eyes because of its beauty. Snake is one of the most successful reptiles in the world and many are interested in maintaining the snake […]

15 Common Flowers in Indonesia – Extremely Lovely

Indonesia is famous for its traditional culture, friendly people, and beautiful natural resources such as its incredible places, views, flora and fauna. If you are a nature-life seeker and love to see nice flowers around you, here is the list of common flowers in Indonesia that might make you feel awe of its glory. Read […]

13 Common Trees in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the richest countries in the world for their natural resources, culture, and people. This place offers wide range of scenery to see, culture to experience, people to meet, food to eat, and unique creatures to see. Common trees in Indonesia can be one of those species that certain people keen to […]