10 Highest Mountain in East Java Must Know

Indonesia is an archipelago country that has approximately 13,446 islands in total. Tourists around the world know that this country has too much to offer including number of mountains to hike. According to research done by experts, Indonesia has hundreds of mountains from Sabang (the northernmost part of Indonesia) to Marauke (the southernmost part of it).

For hiking lovers, here we make a list of 13 highest mountains in East Java that might be our options to hike when you’re in Indonesia.

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1.Mount Semeru

mt semeruMount Semeru locates around Malang and Lumajang district. It is 3.676 MASL, now is the highest mountain that lies in East Java and includes in the top 3 highest mountains in Indonesia. Hikers around the world are keen to hike to its Mahameru summit because it offers challenges for them and also a lovely view along the way to the top.

However, this mountain is not recommended to beginners because it’s quite dangerous especially around its top with sandy tracks that already causing many fatalities since long time ago.

On the other hand, Semeru also famous for its magical mountain lake, Ranu Kumbolo, that be the most favorite destination for hikers who aren’t sure enough to go up to the top.

2. Mount Lawu

mt lawu

Mount Lawu is 3.625 MASL and lies between East and Central Java. It has 3 summits and Hargo Dumilah summit is the highest of them all.

Beside it magnificent views, Lawu also has its ‘Mbok Yem Shop’ with the highest shop in Indonesia title, that sell hot drinks and meals when you need some extra energies when you’re there.

3. Mount Arjuno

mt arjunoThis mountain lies in Malang district at 3.339 MASL. It has a mystique background stories in it and is famous for its mystical ‘Alas Lali Jiwo’.

Then, we normally have to watch our behavior when climbing a mountain but this mountain is a special one, so we need to be fully careful a long the way.

It has 3 official hiking tracks to reach its Ogal-Agil summit. On the slopes of this mountain there are many temples, statues and various historical relics that are amazing to look at.

4. Mount Raung

mt raungMount Raung lies between 3 districts: Besuki, Banyuwangi and Bondowoso. It is 3.332 MASL. It offers the hikers with steep rocks and ravines to be conquered.

That’s why many people dub this mountain as “the hardest mountain to climb” and we need to have enough skills on rock climbing techniques to reach the top. This mountain also has large caldera that makes some volcanic sounds regularly.

5. Mount Argopuro

mt argopuroThis Argopuro mountain has an exciting ‘legend of Rengganis Goddess’ as its background story. Along the way to the top, you will be spoiled by lovely views with savanna and lakes. It is 3.088 MASL. It has 2 summits: Rengganis and Argopuro summit.

As a note, many hikers and local people consider this mountain as ‘haunted mountain’ and also ‘the longest climbing route in Java’, so you need to be extra careful when decided to hike there.

6. Mount Welirang

mt welirangMount Welirang is 3.156 MASL and is located near Mount Arjuno, around Malang, Batu and Pasuruan districts. This volcano is still active and can be erupted at any time and it offers sand trails on the peak area.

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7. Mount Suket

mt suketMount Suket lies around Ijen highlands. It is 2950 MASL. When you’re planning on conquering this mountain, make sure to be accompanied by local people because it hasn’t got its official hiking lane.

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8. Mount Butak

mt butakMount Butak is 2.868 MASL and located in Malang district. It offers beautiful sceneries and savannah as its surrounding. The hiking lane is quite effortful for hikers, not recommended for beginners.

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9. Mount Ijen

mt ijenMount Ijen is 2.799 MASL and located between Bondowoso and Banyuwangi districts.

Many hikers like to hike in the middle of the night and reach the summit at dawn to catch the sunrise and watch the blue fire with their own eyes.

It has that famous and rare blue fire phenomenon which only available in two places in the world, the other one is in Iceland.

10. Mount Merapi

mt merapiNot only Central Java that has Mount Merapi, East Java has too. It is 2.799 MASL and located near Mount Ijen.

However, unfortunately, the regulation stated that this mountain can’t be hiked by anyone to maintain its natural ecosystem. You may want to read about Natural Treasure In Indonesia

11. Mount Widodaren

mt widodareniMount Widodaren is part of the Tengger caldera (Bromo) that is famous among photography enthusiasts. The altitude is 2,614 MASL.

This mountain is located in East Java, precisely in Probolinggo regency. Mount Widodaren is close to Mount Bromo and Semeru.

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12. Mount Kawi

mt kawiMount Kawi is located in Malang, East Java. It is 2.551 MASL. Although there is no record when exactly this volcano erupted, Gunung Kawi is known to still have the potential to erupt in one day.

Furthermore, this mountain contains many famous mystical stories among the people of East Java.

13. Mount Bromo

mt bromoMount Bromo is one of the most famost mountain in East Java. Its is 2.329 MASL in altitude.

Many local and international tourists come here to watch the sunrise in the morning and also taking lovely photos around its ‘Whispered Sand’, ‘Teletubbies Hills’ and its ‘Arca and Temples’, while riding a horse or a Jeep.

Each of the mountain has their own special conditions that differentiate it from one another. So, make sure to do some research about specific mountain once you decided which one to climb or hike next.

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Mount Hiking Tips

Nah, before we actually climb the mountain we choose earlier, there are several things to pay attention to. When you are a beginner and a bit clueless on how to start, here we have numbers of mount hiking tips to follow:

  • Find partners to hike together
  • Do some detail research about the mountain you want to hike
  • Learn about Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS)
  • Be mentally ready
  • Be physically ready
  • Choose a leader to guide the whole squad to reach the sumacmit
  • Take care of hiking permit first
  • Make list of items that need to be brought (personally and collectively)
  • Bring some trash bag for putting our solid waste
  • Bring proper camera to catch the magical moment during hiking trips – and, as stated by many professional hikers: “Take nothing but pictures!”

After knowing some highest mountains in East Java and hiking tips that have been mentioned above, hopefully can gain you a little more information before going on a hike trips with your friends. Make sure to have proper preparations before and happy hiking!