17 Basic Rights in Indonesia Must Know

As an Indonesian citizen and as a human being who is destined to be a human being who is intelligent and as a social, civilized and cultured creature. Of every human being and society based on the Godhead and Unity of Indonesia, we have the same rights and obligations in the eyes of the State.

So what are the rights that must be possessed by every human being, humane and based on the life of the nation and the state? Of course, all have a basic right to live and develop intact and without any coercion from any party. Human basic things are norms and principles that reflect a human ethics and behavior itself, which is certainly based on rules, both cultural rules, state and international.

These rules are set forth in the form of law as well as prevailing norms. Here are some basic rights in Indonesia that apply to all communities from Sabang to Merauke:

1. Life Basis Right

Humans are created as beings who have a reason, soul, and mind. Of course, as a human being and as a citizen of a state the right to life is an absolute right, it cannot be replaced by anything else even though it is humanity and as a basic right in Indonesia. Read more about Indonesian Women Rights

2. The basic rights of a person

One’s personal rights include the right to be free to choose the best things in life. Rights that do not conflict with applicable norms and rules of law, whether within the cultural, social and legal rules of the country. Other rights are the right will get free air, freedom of religion, freedom of movement and so forth.

3. The basic to gain economy

Every individual has the right to obtain the proper economic rights such as home, land, employment rights and the right to meet other living necessities. Although there are some countries that regulate and even guarantee the economic rights of a person, the absolute right of man to the economy is very important. Read more about  Indonesian Human Rights

4. Right to socialize

Man cannot live alone or personally, another thing that needs to be done is to interact with others. It is a right of mutual need each other, it is impossible if someone just learning to himself. For example, in social for the environment, siskamling, youth group, farmer group and so forth.

5. The right to get the same legal rights

As a good citizen must be able to keep from all rules and norms that apply. Do not let existing rules be violated only for unfavorable interests. This is certainly illegal, of course, the sanctions apply in accordance with existing rules. For sanctions should not be discriminated, whether he is rich or poor, famous or common. Because all that in the eyes of the law is the same, for example, criminal cases and civil cases. Read more about Cultural Barries in Indonesia

6. Basic rights to politics

Political rights are a right of every citizen who inhabits a country, it is included in the right to vote and be elected in the interests of the state and society. For example, the right to vote and become a political official. That is the basic rights in Indonesia most important as a human being right.

7. Right to culture

Culture is a reflection of the nation, which has a variety of uniqueness and diversity. Every person has their own culture and customs, all not the same. And it cannot be imposed by anything. Unfamiliar foreign culture certainly cannot be applied in this country, there are some that can be taken as a science and the bad of course must be thrown away. For example the right to go to school and get a decent education.

8. Right to treatment of protection ordinance

Every Indonesian citizen has the right to equality and protection. Despite the different punishments, but justice is the most important thing in determining a right and wrong. An example is a criminal entitled to a lawyer. That’s why we need the basic rights in Indonesia as a rule and norm social life.

9. Right as a citizen or civil right

A right in which a fundamental right of liberty, in which citizens and civilians will have the right to participate in the civil and political life of the State without coercion and discrimination from any party. For example freedom of expression, freedom of thought, freedom of speech and so forth.

10. Rights as a worker or worker

A worker’s right is a right between the worker and the management or the employer of an employee. This right is the right of an agreement by both parties without coercion and does not impose. Examples are the right to get a salary, leave right and other workers’ rights. Read more about Interesting Facts about Child Labor in Indonesia

11. The right to treat animals well

Not only humans who want to be treated well with each other, other living beings such as animals have the right to live worthy and treated as good. Animals as beings who have life and lust, so they deserve to be respected and well cared for. Examples are prohibited from testing with animals and restrictions on using animal products as cosmetic ingredients or as medicines.

12. Right for intersex and disability

Not all humans are perfectly born and normal. Sometimes it has congenital abnormalities or defects, such as the case of the right of the intersex to whom this is still being seen. In fact, not infrequently many of them become victims of bullying, this certainly violates the norms and rules that apply. Every human being and a citizen are treated equally, should not be distinguished even with physical imperfection. Examples of people with genital disorders (ambiguous).

13. Rights to consumers

In this case between buyers and sellers, as consumers would expect their rights and obligations met well. And it does not violate any pre-defined agreement. For example in selling a product, the seller must provide the correct price according to the product being sold or for the prevailing market. Read more about Consumer Lifestyle in Indonesia

14. Basic rights for Men

As a man, certainly hope to get a right that is not the same as women. This underlines that as men have a greater responsibility and burden than the opposite sex. The basic rights of men as leaders and people who are considered above women certainly have a big role, for example in terms of the right to the compulsory military, education and so forth.

15. The right to be a native citizen

As the right of indigenous people to have privileges compared with immigrants, this is related to social jealousy and social limbs are not high. And of course, this is based on the rules and laws that apply. Examples include cultural and indigenous heritage.

16. Basic right to speak

In everyday life, of course, communicating with the surrounding community is very important. The language used affects the habits of a person in interacting. Language as a unifying tool of the nation and region is certainly very important benefits, avoid the misunderstanding and also ethics in the norm of life. Example of Indonesian language as a national language. Read more about Effective Ways How to Speak as Indonesian Natives

17. Right to grow or reproduction

Reproduction rights are the basic right of every married couple expecting the next generation or heredity. With different amounts and types, this is a basic right, although the right to have children and offspring is regulated by the government, this does not rule out an increase in the population if not made with good rules. Examples of using birth control tool.

Hopefully, the above exposures make us more aware of the basic rights in Indonesia, which apply to all citizens.